For school clothes, prefer the local shops

For school clothes, prefer the local shops
For school clothes, prefer the local shops

The Trade Introduction Association of Patras wishes a good and creative school year with health to the entire educational community (teachers, parents, students) of our city. We invite and urge consumers to prefer local bookstores for the supply of school supplies.

Teachers must act accordingly, who we hope cultivate a climate of support for local businesses by urging parents and students to prefer the local market. Besides, the excellent quality, the affordable prices, the variety of school supplies, the impeccable service provided and the fact that the local economy is supported, are key factors for which it is worth preferring local stores.

Dear consumer,

Research prepared by the Institute of Trade and Services (IN.EM.Y), as well as Global research, calculated that out of the 100 euros collected as revenue from a department store (bookstore), only 11 euros return to the local economy. On the contrary, from the 100 euros collected by a local bookstore, 55 euros return to the local economy! Also, for every job that a multinational chain “creates”, 2.5 jobs are lost from the local market. Support your city, your present and the future of your children.

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