Panagiotis Mexis: In the hanged man’s house they don’t talk about rope!

Panagiotis Mexis: In the hanged man’s house they don’t talk about rope!
Panagiotis Mexis: In the hanged man’s house they don’t talk about rope!

I had no intention of arguing with anyone about issues concerning the N.P.K.P.A.P.P., since I consider it to be about Culture, Education, Solidarity, Welfare, Help at home, where there is no no quarrels and quarrels.

The Kindergartens of Kranidi and Ermioni are transparently reconstructed after many years with unchanged procedures.

The central heating of the Kranidi kindergarten was abandoned for at least 6 years with the young and sensitive children not having central heating.

A study that was updated and had to be implemented immediately to be ready for the new school year.

Let’s get down to it…

Before starting the procedures for the legal direct assignment, as provided by law and as they are done in all Municipalities and Legal Entities in Greece, I asked the Technical Service for information on which contractors can from our region and which category of degrees can undertake the public project.

With the email Friday July 15, 2022 at 12:21, the Technical Service requests the correction of the study and highlights the category of businesses or natural persons that can participate in the implementation of the study.

I then addressed the head of Technical Services about who nominally has the required degrees.

The answer was as follows: a public works contractor with an ELECTROMECHANICAL category and we don’t have the degrees he needs.

Personally, I continued to research the market in our area to individuals and companies and no one, no one, was able or willing to take on the project, each for their own reasons (workload, politics, etc.).

However, because the project is urgent in order to be ready for the operation of the Kranidi kindergarten, as well as the law allows it for direct assignment, I proceeded to carry out the procedures for the timely implementation of the project.

Here, therefore, I will point out that I have never assigned to my relatives or to those who follow me. On the contrary, Messrs. Apostolou Panos and Lambrou Anastasios, waving their fingers, have shown samples of writing and their relatives have tasted the money of the Municipal Korban.

Mr. Apostolou, the accusations by Mr. Tokas and Mr. Lambrou in publications on the internet, that Mr. Lambrou accuses the late Sfyris of dependencies with the company of the Apostolou brothers as well as publishing direct assignment decisions.

And Mr. Tokas denounces the responsibilities of the late Sfyris in the case of Mr. Apostolos regarding direct assignments.

Standard political disagreements are legitimate and overcome in matters of administration and management.

You, gentlemen, denounced and sued each other.

Now how you mutually accuse each other and co-sign is questionable and will be judged when the time comes by the sovereign people.

Your audacity gentlemen to point the finger, knows no bounds! Gentlemen, because you cannot raise your head politically, you are trying to create impressions so that you can benefit politically.

Mr. Toka, because he has not managed, is not caught by the map. With you, Mr. Lambrou and Mr. Apostolou, we have worked together at various times in our political lives, you know me and I know you, and I have “measured” you very well in terms of administration. Unfortunately, you are very uneducated administratively and I regret my support for so many years.

Mr. Lambrou, it is no coincidence that some who are by your side today for their own reasons, then called you “Tassouli” and we were fighting to upgrade you politically.

Now, all together in an informal opposition Coordinating Committee, having disbanded their ranks, rush to blame others for what they themselves have been doing.

They judge other people’s things for themselves…

Gentlemen, in the hangman’s house they don’t talk about rope!

The Municipal Authority and the Legal Entity, true to their commitments, for every project assigned to contractors outside the Municipality, urges them to use as many local professionals as possible.

This is put into practice, since in all the projects local construction contractors, carpenters, plumbers, workers are our fellow residents and they recognize this, since they work and support their families.

The specific company that has undertaken, through tenders and other projects, the repair of the Town Hall, the Costa Hellina building, the reconstruction of Ermionis and Kranidis Kindergartens, has committed itself, following the urging of the Mayor of Ermionidas, Mr. Ioannis Georgopoulos, to employ local professionals for most of these works large projects. Thus, companies may undertake projects outside our Municipality, but the employees are from our Municipality.

Mr. Toka, this is accepted by our society, it “embraces” us and increases their love for the Municipal Authority.

On the contrary, with you, despite the support of your party, instead of increasing the percentage of your faction from 9%, you reached 3%.

Gentlemen, we have operated legally and professionals from Hermionida will work.

So, leave your impressions and your alleged interest in the professionals of our area, because the Municipal Authority and I personally that we have committed and it is fair is being implemented.

The President of the N.P.K.P.A.P.P.,
Panagiotis Mexis

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