Questions of the Patras Hour at the Municipal Council

Questions of the Patras Hour at the Municipal Council
Questions of the Patras Hour at the Municipal Council

Questions of Patras Time from the head of the faction Giorgos Roros and the municipal councilor Yiannis Tsiboukis at the municipal council of 08/31/2022

1. We asked for the issue of energy poverty and energy to be discussed.
2. Can you let us know at what stage the competition for the regeneration of the Beachfront is at, as your municipal term ends in a short period of time.
3. Please let us know the number of advertising permits
that have been granted in the territory of the Municipality, how much money they have
collected during the current May-June-July-August period
year from advertisers or other companies and individuals for placement
posters, banners, etc. in demarcated areas and advertising frames in
Our municipality. Also let us know how many posters, banners, banners or illegal ones
signs, you have removed outside demarcated areas and in places where
is prohibited. If fines have been imposed, as provided, which
is the amount for the corresponding period? You have proceeded to imputation
of expenses if you have deducted and what amounts are they?
Finally please let us know the amounts that have been collected for the
corresponding interval?
4. With the construction of the cycle path on OTHONOS AMALIAS, the width of the road surface has been significantly narrowed, with the result that there are risks for both wheeled vehicles and bicycles. Are you planning to take any action on this? Why wasn’t use made of the three meters that OLPA had granted from the inner side of the port paddock?
5. The President of the local Ag. Vassiliou has asked you to repair the wall of the Cemetery, which has been damaged since the beginning of July and has not been repaired since then, with the result that even strays may be able to enter the Cemetery area. Have you contacted the insurance company, has the repair been initiated and what is the timeline?
6. In Drepano for more than fifty years there are two taps that serve the local community and farmers in order to do agricultural work. Lately the taps have been sealed. Is it in your knowledge? Please fix the issue immediately, as soon the agricultural work of harvesting the olives will start and the taps served the farmers to the maximum.
7. Lately, long delays have been observed in the removal of branches and bulky objects throughout the territory of the Municipality. Especially next to the National Road at the height between Tsoukaleiki and Vrachneiki there is a large plateau that is still like this and the citizens are afraid of a fire. Is there a reason for the delays? Will you be cleaning the spots immediately?
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