We know that those who cause trouble in the…

We know that those who cause trouble in the…
We know that those who cause trouble in the…

Permanent “candy” in the mouth of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lately is Greece, as the national anniversaries for the side of Ankara combined with the difficult pre-election position of the government, force the Turkish President to try to arouse the nationalist sentiment of his fanatical Islamist followers.

“We know that those who are causing unrest in the Aegean at every opportunity with harassment and rudeness are just pawns and the real fight is being fought by those behind them,” Erdogan said, not at some national event, not at some council of a political nature, but at the ceremony receiving diplomas at the Naval and Air Force University of National Defense, in Istanbul.

Likening the newly minted sailors to the continuation of Hayredin Barbarossa’s work, Erdogan said: “We went to Kutahya and Afyon Karahisar on Monday and shared the joy of this great victory with tens of thousands of our citizens. I honor Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the commander-in-chief of the War of our independence and the martyrs of the national struggle. There were those who showed their enmity towards our country and nation through the puppet whose rope they hold in their hands, and today there are those who display the same method. We know that those who provoke rioting with harassment and rudeness at every opportunity in the Aegean are only pawns and that the real fight is being fought by those behind them.We know very well the reason why the EU, which we wait at its door, excludes us when it opens the door to countries that cannot be compared to us. We know very well where NATO has transferred its power, which does not supported at the height of the threats against our country. We know the intentions of those who are throwing weapons at terrorists around the world and especially at the bottom of our borders, while not selling them to us,” Erdogan said in yet another attempt to appeal to Sevres syndrome which has dominated the Turkish political scene and public opinion for more than 100 years.

Petros Kranias

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