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After incredible delays of decades and after ridiculous situations in the wider area of ​​Ai Yannis Hostos, widening work has begun on a small section of the road

Four months after the traffic chaos in Ai Giannis Hostos and the anger junction implemented by the Region of Crete, on Tuesday, August 30, the road widening works for the construction needs of the second roundabout after the bridge of Ai Giannis Hostos began.

This is a temporary solution, as noted by Nikos Syrigonakis, who estimates that at the end of September a contractor will be selected for the upgrade of a small road section within the framework of the “Heraklion-Malades-Profitis Ilias” study.

More specifically, after decades of incredible delays and after ridiculous situations preceded it in the wider area of ​​Ai Giannis Hostos, widening work began on a small section of the road, for the needs of constructing a roundabout at the Finikia-Maladon intersection.

Temporary solution

The deputy governor of the Heraklion Regional Unit, Nikos Syrigonakis, spoke to “CRETE TV”, underlining: “The work started yesterday morning to pave a part of the road axis in the area of ​​Ai Giannis of Hostos. About two weeks ago some work was done on the south side of the road. We will asphalt this point, as well as other failures observed along the road.”

This is a temporary solution, which aims to give traffic a breather in the wider area, as Nikos Syrigonakis commented.

“Immediately after, if it is possible and we get the relevant approvals, as we had previously announced and planned, the next node will be built at the Finikia-Maladon intersection, where with this node the temporary solutions are completed. The solutions are temporary”, said Mr. Syrigonakis.

Concern for the eucalypts

In the meantime, the images of huge eucalyptus roots sticking out of the ground, with the crew proceeding to cut them for the needs of the project, are causing concern and concern to the citizens.

A passing driver, who was passing through the area on Tuesday, August 30, saw the cutting of eucalyptus roots and expressed his concern, as the risk of injury is quite high. That is why the Region should pay attention to both the physical integrity of the workers and the drivers of passing cars, as well as the safety of the road.

“There’s a big root problem,” exclaimed a passing motorist.


Awaiting a contractor – End of September his appointment

As the deputy regional governor estimated, at the end of September a contractor will have been selected for the upgrade of a small road section in the area of ​​Ai Yiannis Hostos, after the bridge, as part of the “Heraklion-Malades-Profitis Ilias” study, while the road, as it appears, is long for the realization of the visionary project, which includes, among others, 11 level nodes.

“The positive point in the whole process is that the tender we had previously announced is already “in the air”. This is a project budget of 4 million euros, immediately after the bridge and for the 300-400 meters. The expropriations are proceeding normally and we hope that a final solution will be given in a short period of time. By the end of September we hope to have a contractor, so that the procedures can start immediately”.



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