He is celebrating 60 years of his musical journey in Herodeo

He is celebrating 60 years of his musical journey in Herodeo
He is celebrating 60 years of his musical journey in Herodeo

He is one of the leading Greek composers whose name has been inextricably linked to important moments in Greek music. The reason for him Yannis Markopoulos who will celebrate 60 years of his brilliant musical journey with a big concert which will take place on September 20, at Herodius.

The Cretan composer, who with his vision made a difference in the musical things of the 70s and gave another identity to modern Greek music, will present an anthology of the cycles of songs he stamped with his signature, focusing on the history, the, the myths and love as a driving force of spiritual upliftment and the great poets that Elytis Seferis approached as well as younger ones that he highlighted.

Having collaborated with the most important Greek-speaking performers for more than half a century, Yannis Markopoulos turns to the new generation that will continue to pass on his music to the next, with these artists who represent for him the artistic ideal, serving the genuine and the authentic to music. So his songs will be performed in Herodion by Marios Fragkoulis, Alcinoos Ioannidis, Natasha BofiliouGiorgos Perris, Kostas Triantafyllidis, Giorgos Nikiforou Zervakis and Vana Mani accompanied by the Palintonos Harmonia Orchestra and the Mixed Choir of the Municipality of Athens

A creator with his own musical style, Yiannis Markopoulos (Heraklion, Crete, March 18, 1939) is one of the most important contemporary Greek composers.
In 1962, with the music he signed for Nikos Koundouros’ film, Little Venuses, the composer won the award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

The soundtrack makes the composer known worldwide, and Markopoulos is hailed for his musical talent from one end of the world to the other, from the Balkans to Europe,
to America and Japan.

In the following decades, starting from the 70s, he will collaborate with major television, theater and film productions in Greece and abroad,
while opening his own musical paths by putting into practice the movement back to the roots, incorporating the local Greek instruments such as the lyre and the santouri to resonate within the symphony orchestra.

This is how his unique style was born, which remains to this day unsurpassed and a beacon for those who want to discover different aspects of Greek music.

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