a modern educational space that ensures success for its students

a modern educational space that ensures success for its students
a modern educational space that ensures success for its students

The secondary school created by Anodos in Rio completes four years of operation. It is a project that was crowned with success from the first moment. In a modern space, all High School, High School and EPAL courses are taught in which the student is invited to compete with the guarantee of quality provided by experience of the 23 years of operation of “Anodos”.

The three owners Nikos Akuros, Spilios Kalyvas and Dimitris Karanasioscreated a modern educational space in Rio, in order to respond to the needs of the local community which, due to distance, did not have the possibility to choose the central educational institution in the center of Patras. They thus saved families and children valuable time and money, while maintaining the guarantee of success.

The philosophy of the tutoring school in Rio is of course the same as that of the central one. In Anodo there is an interest in the overall performance of the student. The student is supported by a structured structure and a set of teachers. For each student, all the teachers who teach him collaborate and exchange opinions. There is, after all accumulated experience from more than 5,100 students who have spent so many years in the halls of Anodos.

Also, the student has the possibility to gain experiences from the competition between his classmates, not only to judge but also to compare himself. We must not forget that success in exams is not only about writing well, but also better than others.

That is why, as in the central training center in Gounari, as well as in the one in Rio, only small-member and homogeneous sections operatewhere it is not necessary, private lessons are also delivered, always in accordance with the high standards of the “Anodos” tutoring school.

Anodos in its 23 years of operation has managed to accumulate and combine all the positives and advantages of both the tutorial and the private course, gaining a comparative advantage over the latter. With this exact know-how, the tutoring school in Rio has been operating for four years now, giving a way out to families and students of Rio and the surrounding areas.


  • Zografou 10, Rio – Tel.: 2611810292
  • Head office: Gounari 57 – Tel.: 2610 277838


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