Today at noon, the last goodbye to 19-year-old Thalia

Today at noon, the last goodbye to 19-year-old Thalia
Today at noon, the last goodbye to 19-year-old Thalia

At noon in the Metropolitan Church of Agios Achillios in Larisa the epilogue to the tragedy of the 19-year-old naval essay will be written Thalias Kordambalou who unexpectedly passed away on her first training trip, as it was to be her last. The last cheers to the unfortunate sea cadet will be done with prices from military orders and with the family, relatives and friends who will accompany her to her final abode.

The pain is mute in the house of the young lady. On Wednesday at noon, the body of the 19-year-old arrived in her native country, Larissa from Italy, and was taken to her home, in the Papastavrou district. Inconsolable parents cannot believe that their child has passed away from one moment to the next.

A year ago the family was celebrating Thalia’s success in entering the Naval Cadet School. And today, the tragic parents open their home to bury their child.

The conclusion of the Italian medical examiner, who performed the autopsy on the 19-year-old naval cadet, is expected to be communicated to the family in the coming days, provided that it is first forwarded to the relevant Greek services. It will take a long time to complete both toxicology tests so that the family has a complete picture and above all the answer to what caused their daughter’s illness and the subsequent rapid deterioration of her condition that led to her death.

They are expected to arrive in the city by noon, the Chief of the Naval General Staff Vice Admiral Stylianos Petrakisthe Commander of the School of Naval Cadets Rear Admiral Ioannis Ioannis Pattasas well as 19-year-old Thalia’s classmates from the School to say their “last goodbye”.

Thalia’s fateful meal in Tunisian fast food

According to cross-referenced information by, the meal at a fast food restaurant in Lagoulet, Tunisia, is the one that, according to the data so far, caused the Food Poisoning to the unfortunate naval cadet, which for currently unknown reasons led to the rapid deterioration of her health and subsequently to her death.

The unfortunate Thalia went out on the first day that the ship tied up in the port of Lagoulet in Tunisia and together with the other two test subjects who got sick but were cured, visited a fast food shop. The very next day the naval cadet showed the first symptoms, while on the night between August 22 and 23, Thalia developed a high fever. On the afternoon of August 23, the ship hastily sailed to Naples in order to transfer to a hospital for treatment the cadet who had developed a fever of undetermined cause that could not be controlled. On the morning of August 24, her condition worsened and she was urgently admitted to the ICU with a diagnosis of septicemia. Despite the efforts of the doctors, the unfortunate Thalia died the next day.

It should be noted that the 19-year-old on August 8 was diagnosed positive with corona virus while he was on board the ship “Prometheus”. After her recovery, Thalia was granted leave and went out to Tunisia after having a negative Covid test 4-5 days before the two Navy ships sailed into the port of Lagoulet.

“I don’t know what my child died of,” says the father

The father of the unfortunate test, hopes forensic examination to shed light on the cause of his child’s death.

“I don’t know how to tell you what my child died of. I read scripts too, but nobody really knows. I hope to be in Greece tomorrow, if the bureaucracy here in Italy permits, after the autopsy is completed. Unless something else comes up, the funeral has already been arranged for Thursday at noon.” says the father of 19-year-old Thalia.

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