Personal Doctor: The platform opens for Attica and South Aegean – The registration process

Opens on Thursday afternoon, platform for the registration of citizens in its institution personal physician who have reached the age of 16 and in the Regions of Attica and South Aegean.

Registration of citizens in the rest of the regions of the country that started on August 1 continues as normal. At the same time, the trial phase of the system begins today where citizens will be able to visit their personal doctor.

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More than 2,100,000 citizens have registered with the personal doctor, the Ministry of Health reports. He adds that now all citizens with a personal doctor get their health advisor free of charge who will inform them about preventive tests, monitor their medical records and prescribe their medicines and tests.

From October 1, 2022, the electronic appointment system will be activated so that citizens can book their appointment with the same ease as they used to book an appointment for vaccination against Covid-19.

Procedure for registering a population with a personal physician

The population who have reached the age of 16, according to their date of birth and the adult population, are registered with the personal doctor, whom they choose freely, regardless of their place of residence or residence, from among all those registered in the relevant lists, which are updated each time personal physicians, general/family medicine or internal medicine.

The registration to a personal doctor is carried out electronically, either by the citizen through the citizen registration platform, or by the administrative and other staff of the public PPH health service providers, or the personal physicians.

The citizen registers with a personal doctor in the following ways:

1) through registration platform to a personal doctor, where entry is made with the taxisnet codes and the citizen’s AMKA.

2) in person at a P.F.Y health structure. or to a personal physician, bringing with him, his AMKA and for simple demonstration, an identification document (e.g. Identity Card) or a photocopy.

All citizen applications are accepted, until the legal limit of 2,000 registered citizens per doctor is reached. In the case of private doctors contracted with EOPYY, citizens’ applications for registration are accepted according to the defined limit that each doctor has chosen in his contract.

Citizens, who are already registered with a family doctor, are considered to be registered with a personal doctor for all related rights and obligations and are not required to take any further action.

Each person has the right to register with only one personal doctor. Transfer to another personal doctor is allowed once per year, which starts from the date of the citizen’s registration. In the event of a change of Administrative Region within the year, the citizen has the right to an additional transfer.

The uninsured have the possibility to register at their request with a personal doctor contracted by the E.O.P.Y.Y., as long as they cannot be covered by a personal doctor of the public P.F.Y. units.

Citizens who wish to register with a personal physician of the National Health Service in the areas that have been characterized as problematic and barren can register for the service of the personal physician at the health unit of their area of ​​residence.

Incentives for registering with a personal physician

Those who register will have priority from 01-01-2023, when planning their visits to regular outpatient clinics in public secondary and tertiary health care units.

The unregistered to a personal physician, from 01-10-2022 they will have e.g10% additional contribution to pharmaceutical expenses, in addition to their participation rate determined on a case-by-case basis. Also, they will have additional participation in laboratory and diagnostic tests and proceduresat hospitalizations in private clinics and in the other benefitsby a percentage of 10% in addition to their percentage of participation determined on a case-by-case basis.

From 01-01-2023, the above provisions are increased by a percentage of 10%, in addition to the above additional participation, rising to a percentage of 20% on the percentage of participation determined on a case-by-case basis.

Choice of personal doctors

a) a doctor from a branch of doctors of the National Health System, who serves and provides his services in Health Centers, Local Health Units (To.M.Y.) and other public P.F.Y. units,

b) a doctor who provides his services in the context of the operation of the Local Health Teams of article 106 of Law 4461/2017 (A’ 38),

c) a doctor contracted with the National Organization for the Provision of Health Services (E.O.P.Y.Y.).

It is noted that non-specialist doctors who have a general medicine certificate are also defined as personal doctors.

By decision of the Minister of Health, doctors of other specialties may be designated as personal doctors, when doctors of the specialties of general/family medicine or internal pathology are not sufficient and after following an education/training program.

Also, every physician who practices the independent medical profession is given the opportunity to contract with EOPYY, regardless of whether they already have a contract or whether they receive a monthly salary or monthly allowances from public sector bodies.

In our country, there are 3,209 personal doctors available and participation in the institution has exceeded 1,000 individuals, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Doctor registrations open from today for all regions of the country until December 31, 2022.

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