“Exorcist” of Thessaloniki: He organizes ceremonies where he presents new… prophets (vid) – Newsbomb – News

“Exorcist” of Thessaloniki: He organizes ceremonies where he presents new… prophets (vid) – Newsbomb – News
“Exorcist” of Thessaloniki: He organizes ceremonies where he presents new… prophets (vid) – Newsbomb – News

There are more and more revelations that see the “light” of publicity, about the action of the so-called “Church of the Nations” which is “based” in Thessaloniki and proceeds with alleged exorcisms in public view.

The exorcist of Thessaloniki continued to convert “believers” – saying that he himself is the passage between God and man – after the Church closed the door on him.

In one of the ceremonies organized by the head of the “Church of the Nations” in Thessaloniki, Charalambos Tsakonidis, he anointed modern “prophetess” of his church Eugenia Zefteridou (who we see in the video) last June.

Watch the video:

Emmanuel Olisandebe: Victim of the “Church of the Nations”

After the revelations about families that were torn apart and also people who traveled from Peru for the… miraculous touch of the “man of God” as they called Haris Tsakonidis, it became known that the former Panathinaikos football player, Emmanuel Olisandebe, has also fallen victim to the heresy .

The football player was facing a problem with his knee, so he turned to Pastor Andreas at the time, Harry’s predecessor, to make him… well.

In fact, in the video of his… treatment, he is seen at the end… healing, with him reporting that he feels fine and running around the scene.

– Do you believe God can fix it?

– I believe it is the only answer

– We will sprinkle you with the miraculous water

– Yes

– In the name of Jesus Christ, my God, set him free

– I feel better but I still feel discomfort

– Heal him in the name of Jesus Christ. Get up my brother, you are free! Where do you feel discomfort? To the left; In the name of Jesus Christ, you performed the miracle.

– I feel good.

In fact, eyewitnesses say:

“I was impressed when I saw his face because most people will not believe that he is Olisadebe of Panathinaikos”.

“Missing” victim of “exorcists” – She received threats on her life

The authorities are currently investigating the finances of the sect, where it is revealed each “exorcism” reached 4,000 euros.

A victim of the sect had contacted a MEGA reporter, but although he had agreed to speak live, he never appeared and since Tuesday 30/08 he has been missing.

The woman being quite scared changed her phone number and deleted her skype so they can’t find her. According to MEGA information, the victim in question was the first to reveal the exorbitant sums demanded by the sect in order to rid its victims of evil spirits.

In fact, she revealed that she herself received threats to her life.

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