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According to his information kozan.gr, a decision to cut ten (10) trees at the Kozani Municipality Swimming Pool was taken by Quality of Life Committee of the Municipality of Kozani. In the framework of the execution of the project “Staticor restoration of its metal bearing organism Kozani Swimming Pool”, took place the control of the trees, which grow around this construction, by Department of Green and Environmental Management. Nine were found to be growing in a flower bed on the southeast side of the swimming pool (9) sows and a (1) acacia (Acacia sp) in the eastern flower bed and their cutting is justified for the following reasons:

Five (5) of the thujias Phiare located near the swimming pool court and more at a distance of less than one (1) meter. In particular, one of them adjacent to the corner of the building under construction, but also to the corner of the wall of the fence, in the rest Msbut they are at a minimal distance from him under construction frame of the building, while the tuja at the other end of the building has a slope towards it. Keeping the trees will cause damage, over time, of one on the floor of the building, due of the growth of their root system, since of another on the roof by increasing the count of (PHOTO 16).

The trees have already been pruned, in order not to obstruct the required ones tasks from their branches their. This he had as result the hair their to he’s got to be confined to the upper part and consequently to have moved up the their center of gravity. In addition, their root system is affected and limited by the execution of excavation works. This condition of the trees makes them adjunctfall hazards, especially during severe weather conditions. The trees these are not amenable to other pruning operations.

The remaining four (4) thuja trees grow right next to the fence wall, meaning that their root system has been affected, is disproportionately limited and can to grow only to one side. This creates stability problems during growth of the trees (PHOTO 5).

In the acacia, its trunk has been damaged, its branches are poor, the space for her its growth is limited, while the operation to prune it can also dries (PHOTO 7).

According to the agency, removing the trees will eliminate the future risk of damage or falling of these, which increases with unfavorable and increasingly extreme weather conditionscases (snowfalls, rainfall, strong winds) and possible material or even physical damage will be avoided. In the area of ​​the specific courtyard area of ​​the swimming pool, an area of ​​approximately 1,300 sq.m., another twelve (12) trees are already growing. Therefore, surethe minimum mandatory number of trees, as defined in provisions of the Building Regulation (Ministerial Decision 3046/304/1989 (D ́59). Nevertheless, five (5) new trees will be planted, with the installation of the required irrigation networkin order to functionally upgrade the space by creating spaces shading, but also aesthetically.

The specific issue is expected to come to the Board of Directors for a final decision. Kozani


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