Unbelievable complaint: “The hospital does not give us our newborn baby”

Unbelievable complaint: “The hospital does not give us our newborn baby”
Unbelievable complaint: “The hospital does not give us our newborn baby”

The baby’s mother spoke to the Star’s Central News Camera and bowed.

“So many days I haven’t held my baby. He is my first child and I don’t have him by my side at all. I see his little things, his pacifier, his clothes, his crib, and I don’t have it next to me,” said the mother.

Since August 18, she has been holding her newborn baby boy, Regina. The 20-year-old girl was diagnosed with coronavirus immediately after giving birth at the Lamia hospital. He had to stay for three days in the intensive care unit and the baby was transferred for preventive reasons to the neonatal unit of the Larissa University Hospital.

The father of the newborn, described to the Star camera, how the Larissa hospital refuses to give them the child for bureaucratic reasons, since his partner does not have the necessary identification documents.

The Larissa hospital requested on August 24th from the Primary Prosecutor’s Office that the mother be identified in cooperation with the Police, in order to hand over the child to her.

“It is a very delicate issue, we cannot hand over a child to an unidentified person. The woman has neither an identity card, nor anything,” says the legal advisor of the Larissa University Hospital, Kostas Efthymiou, while for the father he added that “someone appeared, who is alleged to be the father, but who has no evidence to identifies that he is indeed the father of the child in question.”

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