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The 34-year-old bicyclist died while being transported to the Rethymnon Hospital – On Wednesday afternoon, another traffic accident resulted in the serious injury of a 62-year-old bicyclist

The 34-year-old driver of the machine that was involved in a traffic accident late at night lost the battle Wednesday, August 31 in the Rethimno.

In particular and according to information in the traffic accident that occurred under unspecified circumstances in provincial road of Rethymno Peramaone vehicle and one engine were involved.

An EKAB ambulance was immediately called to the scene with the crew giving first aid to the seriously injured man and taking him to the Rethymnon Hospital. However, according to the same sources, the 34-year-old man did not make it and ended up on the route.

Early evidence suggests that the collision was side-on.

In fact, according to the information, the engine was heading from Rethymno to Perama, while the car, in which tourists were riding, was heading from Perama to Rethymno.

However, the circumstances under which the tragic accident occurred are being investigated.

A 62-year-old man is in serious condition after a traffic accident

Another serious traffic accident took place in the afternoon Wednesdaywhich also resulted in serious injury of a 62-year-old Rethymnon.

According to information, a vehicle and a motorcycle were involved in the traffic accident that took place on the BOAK at the height of Gerani, the 62-year-old man was seriously injured in the collision, who is being treated at the Rethymno Hospital with severe brain injuries.


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