Heraklion: The municipal police recorded a record number of calls during the summer season

Heraklion: The municipal police recorded a record number of calls during the summer season
Heraklion: The municipal police recorded a record number of calls during the summer season

A historical record was broken by the violations registered by the Municipal Police during this year’s tourist season, since since the period of its re-establishment, the highest number of fines and summonses, exceeding 17,000, was cumulatively recorded.

This year’s tourist year, which was the first after the restrictions of the pandemic, as it turned out, was the most productive in terms of violation of the road traffic code, as a total of 13,300 calls were charged, mainly related to illegal parking.

According to the competent deputy mayor of the Municipal Police, Marino Pattako, the average number of calls charged by the service per month, mainly for illegal parking, is estimated at 2,000, with the exception of the month of July, when the average dropped due to the heat that forced many people to avoid moving down town.

He notes that based on the data of the service, in this year’s tourist season, 583 cleaning fines were also issued, 86 cases of illegal street trade were detected, and 217 fines were charged for illegal occupation of public space with table seats. “The calls we intercept would be twice as many if the Municipal Police had more power” estimates the responsible deputy mayor Marinos Pattakos, who unfortunately notes that despite the important work it offers, the service remains understaffed.

At the same time, he notes that the vast majority of calls are cut in the city center throughout the historical web. It should be noted that despite the fact that the appearance of the city center has changed through the extensive pedestrianization and renovations that have taken place, the number of calls does not decrease but evolves to the familiar high levels.

The deputy mayor, Mr. Pattakos, assesses that unfortunately the perception that he should park right next to the point he wants to approach remains in the culture of Heraklion. Mr. Pattakos notes that the Municipal Authority has given alternative solutions to citizens who do not make the most of them, choosing either the means of public transport, or the lines of the ticket-free routes, with which one can approach any part of the city center wish.


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