Israel: Emergency Cabinet to Approve Hamas Hostage Release Agreement

Israel: Emergency Cabinet to Approve Hamas Hostage Release Agreement
Israel: Emergency Cabinet to Approve Hamas Hostage Release Agreement

Council of Ministers at 20:00 is expected to take place at Israel in order to approve the agreement for the release of dozens of hostages her Hamas.

In particular, as reported by the Times of Israel, mediator of Qatar announced at noon on Tuesday (21/11) that the reach an agreement for the release of the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza is at “final stage».

“We are closer than ever to reaching an agreement, we are very optimistic,” Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Majed Al Ansari said via X.

At the same time, according to Reuters, the deal will include the release of about 50 civilian hostages from Hamas and the release of Palestinian women and children held by Israel.

Emergency Cabinet at 20:00

The cabinet is set to meet today at 20:00, “in light of the developments regarding the release of our hostages,” the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said. Benjamin Netanyahu.

Before 20:00, the War Cabinet and the Security Cabinet will meet to approve also the agreement.

Meeting reservists in southern Israel earlier, Benjamin Netanyahu said “we are moving forward” toward an agreement. “I don’t think I should say too much, even now, but I hope we have good news soon.”

White House source to CNN Greece: 50 hostages released from Hamas – Announcements awaited

In the meantime, within the day the announcement is expected for the release of 50 hostages held by the Hamas at Gaza Strip, a source from the White House who spoke to CNN Greece said earlier.

According to the same source, among those who will be released will be a three-year-old with American citizenship. In the framework of the agreement that will be reached, it will be included ceasefire, lasting four to five days.

According to the same source, for every hostage released, three women and children held in Israeli prisons will be released.

It is noted that according to the statements of the leader of Hamas Ismail Haniya on the morning of Tuesday 21/11, officials of the organization are close to a truce agreement with Israel.

“The movement (including Hamas) gave its answer to the brothers from Qatar and the mediators. We are getting close to a ceasefire agreement,” Hamas leader Ismail Haniya said in a terse message in Arabic sent to international news agencies – including AFP and Reuters – from his office.

According to sources close to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the two factions indeed they accepted a dealthe details of which have yet to be formally announced by Qatar and the mediators.

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