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This year, the conference was themed “The Secrets of Time,” attracting over 400 participants to the event held at the Ionian Academy.

The central axis of the event was the complex world of time, while the goal remained unchanged: “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

The participants had the pleasure of attending 10 exciting speeches and 3 impressive performances on the main stage of the Ionian Academy. There, the stage became a stage for the exchange of thoughts and inspiring discussion. There was also parallel interpretation in the English language by 4 interpreters from the Interpreting department of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the I.P. (Apostolos Komninos, Nefeli Chatzistefanou, Panagiota Efstratiou, Parthena Stavraki).

In addition to the main events, attendees had the opportunity to participate in five interactive Workshops, adding an educational dimension to their experience. In the spacious space of the Academy, five selected creations were exhibited in the Pop-up Exhibition, presenting the multidimensional world of ideas.

In an effort to satisfy the senses, the event venue hosted elite catering professionals. Attendees enjoyed buffet selections while having the opportunity to network and further discuss the inspiring ideas presented.

Photographer: Fanis Sakkas

Attached is a more detailed description of the speakers and artistic performances presented at TEDxIonianUniversity:

Speakers explored the multidimensional aspects of time, highlighting the wealth of possibilities it holds. Through the disciplines of science, they highlighted the relationship of time with the artistic, the social, the field of well-being, marketing, academia, journalism and mentoring. Each one presented his/her unique ideas, revealing their own secret for the perception and utilization of time!

The artistic performances on the stage of TEDxIonianUniversity emerged as impressive experiences. Artists transported the participants to an alternative world, where time was expressed through unique musical and dance paths.

Some of them, based on the program, are:

1st Session

  • Zoe Dionysiou: Associate Professor of Music Pedagogy at the TMS of the I.P. – The gift of time in human relationships
  • Spyros Varotsis: Graduate of the TEFAA of the University of Athens with an MSc. in applied sports nutrition. – How to stop time with a pair of shoes
  • Sofia Pashou: Museologist-researcher and lawyer. – The timeless of time
  • Laodamas: Association of Folk and Traditional Dances of Corfu (Dancers: Nikos Polymenakos, Ilias Kyriazis, Tasos Toursidis, Dora Chandrinou, Irini Katsamakli, Natassa Rigas) – They danced the songs: Sirtos Spartyliotikos, Ai Giorgis, Korakianitikos, Sirtos Gastouriotikos, Ballettes, Furlana.

2n.d Session

  • Hara Kontochristou: Responsible for content production and Social Media strategy of a large multinational. – The Heroine’s Journey
  • Virginia Katsibiri: Official founder of the company “VTranslations” Translation and Interpreting Services. – We don’t have time, we create time
  • Dimitra Trypani: Composer with the creation of experimental music theater works (Sound Performances). – From ear to body
  • Christos Nikas: Instagram Growth & Content Specialist and Designer (Ma) – You don’t spend time, you spend life

3rd Session

  • Gypseons: Gypsy Jazz trio consisting of 3 students of the TMS of the I.P. (Spyros Gatos – piano, Konstantinos Vidalis – bouzouki, Achilleas Makrakis – guitar) – They played their pieces: Walking Pigeon, Alejandra, Greco, Arnados, Meister
  • Angelos Boronikolos: EL.AS officer. and author of the book “The Break”. – In due time
  • Sofia Rompoli: Greek sign language interpreter and member of S.D.E.N.G. – For the state, time is money
  • Evlampia Revi: Journalist and presenter of “Now Together” on OPEN. – Time and journalism
  • Badanza: Ensemble of classical music with ballet –
    1st part: Ionian Camerata (Spyros Gikontis (teaching-conductor), Victoria Karapetian, Grigoria Papageorgiou, Apollonas Rotas (violin), Panagiotis Aravidis, Georgiana Spiliotis (violas), Myrsini Achalinotopoulou, Phoebe Moutsika (cello). The works were heard in order: 1) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Divertimento in D Major, K. 136 No. 1 – I. Allegro 2) Nikos Skalkottas: 5 Greek Dances – I. Epirotikos
    2n.d part: Spyros Gikondis (violin), Katerina Pagiataki (choreographer of the Danzarte school), Marievi Lefkimmiati (dancer). The plays were heard in order: 1) Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata No.1 in G minor BWV 1001 – 1. Adagio (Solo Violin and ballet) 2) Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata No. 1 in G Minor, BWV 1001 – 4. Presto (Solo Violin and ballet)

Photographer: Danae Moutafi

The host of the event, the excellent Lina Petrianou, Voice Actor and Radio Producer, took on the role of presenter and led us into a delightful world by traveling through time. With her unique style and voice, she created an atmosphere full of memories and emotional moments.

Photographer: Danae Moutafi

Workshops were held at the Ionian Academy by:

  • Astronomical Society of Corfu
  • ESN Ionian University Candidate Section
  • Library and Education Center of the Ionian University
  • Andrioti School
  • Pontiglio Winery

Photographer: Danae Moutafi

The organizer and manager of the third and fourth TEDxIonianUniversity, Georgia Strati (Graduate of the Department of Music Studies of the I.P. – Curator, Program Manager, Speaker Coach) writes:

“The TEDxIonianUniversity team consisting of over 60 volunteers (IP students and non-IP students) has done an excellent job. Every member of the team, devoting their personal time, for 12 months, contributed to the successful outcome of the conference. People with passion and respect for voluntary work carried out a conference with professionalism and responsibility towards their responsibilities. The presence of the local partners and residents of Corfu, the members of the Ionian University and all the attendees honored us with their presence, making us confirm how important it is for the world to support these kinds of organizations, especially when they are carried out by young people. My personal goal is to never stop this “spreading of ideas”. Year after year it gets better and better and becomes established as an annual institution. The TED is a non-profit organization that champions research and discovery ideas worth spreading. This is also our goal!”

The scientific manager of the project, Assoc. Professor of the Department of Informatics I.P., Andreas Kanavos (Organizer) writes:

“The organization and scientific support of TEDxIonianUniversity is for me a privileged challenge and a key opportunity to combine knowledge with fun.

I am grateful to the many partners and volunteers who gave of their personal time to help make this event a success. The enthusiastic support from the local community, partners, residents of Corfu, as well as from the members of the Ionian University, shows how important it is to support such initiatives, especially when they come from young, dynamic and promising people.

My personal goal is to ensure that this “gathering of spreading ideas” continues to grow and evolve over the years, making TEDxIonianUniversity an annual institution, inextricably linked to our University and the Corfu society that so generously supports it. embraced and gave him life. As a non-profit organization that champions the research and discovery/mining of ideas that undoubtedly deserve to be disseminated and communicated to the wider public, TEDx now represents our common goal. It is a privilege for all involved in this effort, encouraging the creative exchange of ideas while creating a rich polyphonic conversation.”

Poster creation: Giorgos Kandiliaris


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