“Midnight Express” – Midnight screenings at the “orofos” theater in Patras

“Midnight Express” – Midnight screenings at the “orofos” theater in Patras
“Midnight Express” – Midnight screenings at the “orofos” theater in Patras

“Midnight Express” – Midnight screenings at the theater “orofos” in Patras, Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 November, at 23:30. The club that changed the cinematic map of Greece for good, makes its debut in Patras, for two midnight screenings. The films will be prefaced by its founder, Akis Kapranos.

Midnight Express was started by film critic Akis Kapranos in the middle of the crisis with the aim of reviving a lost tradition of midnight screenings in Greece. Attracting an almost exclusively young audience, aged 18-25, back to cinemas, it presented a wide selection of carefully selected works, from hidden masterpieces to marginalized gems not available anywhere else in the country. This year, for the first time, due to the growing demand for tickets, the screenings in Athens are held in three cinemas: the historic IDEAL in Panepistimi, the SINEAK in Piraeus, and the ATLANTIS on Vouliagmenis Avenue.

The well-established midnight screenings, which have gained a fanatical audience, are also coming to Patras at the “orofos” theater.

Saturday, November 25, at 11:30 p.m

Conan the Barbarian (Conan, the Barbarian) – (1982)
Directed by John Milius
Screenplay: Oliver Stone & John Milius
Photo: Duke Callahan
Music: Vassilis Polydouris
Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Earl Jones, Max Von Sydoff

Little Conan witnesses the slaughter of his parents and his entire clan, grows up as a slave and becomes one of the greatest gladiators of his time. He will be sent to the Far East to perfect his fighting skills where he will be freed, determined to get revenge. The latter gives him the opportunity to travel throughout the known world, to be educated and learn martial arts along with the art of steel. Somewhere along the way, he will recognize the symbol of those who murdered his clan, and his thirst for revenge will bring him face to face with the satanic cult of the serpent god Set.

Sunday, November 26, at 11:30 p.m

Suspiria – (1977)
Directed by: Dario Argento
Screenplay: Daria Nicolondi & Dario Argento
Photo: Luciano Tovoli
Music: Goblin
Actors: Jessica Harper, Alinda Valli, Joan Bennett, Udo Kier

The artistic, imaginative direction of Dario Argento, the enchanting and at the same time nightmarish background music and the brutality of the murders make up this genre epic. “Suspiria” presents the adventure that American dancer Suzy Banion experiences when she moves to a dance school in Germany to attend dance lessons. But in reality the school acts as a cover for a dark organization of witches who bring harm to anyone who discovers their role or becomes a nuisance to them in any way.


Theater “orofos”, Othonos Amalias 112, Patras
Ticket price: €7
Presale: more.com
Information: 2611 810 983 & 6939 835 990

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