Hand-to-hand battle in the hot seat of Kalamata – The “wolves” got a great victory


Kalamata got a great home win 3-2 in an extremely lopsided match against Syros, with both teams playing excellent volley.
Winning the first set with a very good mentality and strong finishes at 29-27, Kalamata 80 showed a completely different face in the next two, easily losing to Syros in the second set, who continued their performance in the same fighting manner in the next set, which he won 22-25, managing to “dissolve” the difference that had been “built” by Kalamata 80 (at +6). The fourth was just as lopsided and exciting, with high speeds and very strong attacks which in a way played the role of a regulator for the sequel. After 2-2 in the fifth and final set, the psychological factor was in favor of the home team, who with a “gun” on the packed and enthusiastic stand were led to their second win of the season and first at home, against a very experienced opponent.

After the right leg kick and the first point for the home side with Alexakis consistently blocking and attacking in two phases, the score was 2-1. Out by Gomez for 3-1. The American Koenen with a powerful shot made it 7-3. And Bryan brought the match to 11-10. After the tie at 19-19, with a very nice block Barbounis gave Syros a point and immediately after Gomez stopped the ball in the net leading the match to a new tie (20-20).
21-all the set, with the two teams fighting point for point to escape…
With the applause of the crowd, West was on serve, but Gomez’s powerful attack made it 21-22.
Kalamata reached a draw again, with Koenen (22-22).
Koenen stopped on the double block of Gomez and Daca who in the next phase wrote 23 all for his team with a place on the small diagonal. Daca almost invincible in the first year (23-24). Deep in the opponent’s defense, Christofas’s nail for 24 -24. A new draw after Ocampo’s out on serve (25-25) and the first video challenge which, however, did not change the decision
Aspiotis served for the Syros team and scored an out 26-25. Set ball for Kalamata with Koenen, but Barbounis had a different opinion. Spyros Barbounis on the serve with Galiotos choosing Gomez for the attack (26-27). Mandeka’s experience extended the suspense with Kalamata tying the game 27-27.
Gomez’s effort ended in the net (28-27) and a new video challenge that did not change the decision
The set ended at 29-27 in favor of Kalamata after a Bryan out.

Both teams entered the second set with the same energy. Panagiotis Dakouris kept Mantekas in the game, later putting center Dionysis Lykouresi in the mix. The faces remained the same in Phoenix.
The first point for Phoenix as well as the second after Ocampo’s out 0-2, while Koenen cleverly took the block out reducing to 1-2. Alexakis sent the ball into the net with a serve and the same result immediately after Aspiotis served (2-3).
Ocampo “hit” hard with the opponents putting up a difficult defense, Aspiotis initially marking Dakouris who kept the defense. Then Koenen ended the phase ingloriously with a misdirected attack (2-4).
Full-time phase with Foinikas emerging as the winner for 3-7, while immediately after Kalamata 80, who made difficult defenses, made it difficult for their opponents in the same way, reducing it to 4-7. Gomez was the one who won the opposing block with a double difference in the score.
With an attack by Koenen who was one of the protagonists, Kalamata dropped to 5-8. The score quickly went to 8-10 with Syros taking the lead with Aspiotis and Gomez after a nice distribution by Galiotos.
Koenen dropped impressively to 10-14. “Full” phase with Okambos in attack for Kalamata and Aspiotis marking out (11-15, 11-17).
In the taraflex, West and Ocampo gave way to Salonitis and Paleologos, with the latter “writing” 12-18. In the hands of Manteka, Gomez’s nail “exploded” (12-20).
With a fixed margin, Syros had the first say in the set and with Daca’s block on Paleologos, they made it 12-22.
Syros prevailed very easily in the second set with Paleologos giving away the last point with a serve at the net (13-25).

The third set found Kalamata with the same formation (as they had in the first set), while Syros kept their starting six.
The first point for Kalamata with Okambo making it 2-0. Daca reduced in the first half to be followed by difficult defenses from Syros to the “hits” of Okambo. The young center Alexandros Alexakis finished the phase nicely for 3-1. The young center of Kalamata with his technical service continued to make it difficult for Syros in the next two phases, while Aspiotis’ out (5-1) did not help either.
With a simple pass from behind the block, Syros took the ball to her side and immediately afterwards Christofas ​​”masterfully” cleared the point for the “wolves”. Kalamata started to build a difference (7-3) with the passer of Syros choosing Aspiotis for the attack reducing it to 7-4.
Ocampo got the block out for the double score and Christofa’s ace serve, in a bad defense by Gomez, forced Cedomil to time out. Everyone… on the block for Kalamata at 10-4.
New block out for Kalamata 80 over Galioto and Bryan (11-4). The “wolves” continued their offensive inspirations by taking the score to 12-4 to reduce it to 12-7 by Koutomytis with a block on Okambos.
Ocampo’s nail was strong on Aspiotis who made a bad defense and despite the sprint of Barbunis, the point went to Kalamata (14-7), just like the next one with the “signature” of the young Alexakis.
16-13, 16-14 and 16-15. After the time out, Ocampo tied the match (16-16) and Syros winning the next point gave the game derby dimensions again.
In a slow tempo, Spyros Barbounis got the ace with a place (17-18) and the captain of the “wolves” Kostas Dalakouras immediately after beat the “wall” of the opponents by equalizing

Ace with the help of the fillet from the “maestro” Christofas. Very strong first year Bryan who posted 19-19.
Koenen responded with a pipe for 20-20. On the pitch is Maurizio Vietio who competes for the first time this year. Petsias on serve made a “gift” to Kalamata (21-21).
At this point the continuous mistakes of Kalamata gave way to Syros. Aspiotis tagged West (again) and came out victorious with the score at +2 (22-24). Daca gave his team the final point for 22-25.

After the 1-1 and the out of Barbunis (2-1) came the first video challenge which, however, did not change the score. Ocampo made it 3-3, while the double block to Aspiotis made it 4-3.
With the first time Bryan brought the score to the level and immediately after Koenen (with nail) and Christofas ​​(with… power-block) took the score to 6-4. Ocampo’s ace (7-4) sent the match to time out to follow a period of “crazy” defenses that ended with Ocampo’s “signature” (8-5).
(9-7, 11-9, 12-9). Argentinian Ocampo said a new “no” to the attack of Syros by writing 13-9.
Christofas ​​declared “present” against Bryan for 15-10 and kept Alexaxis on serve.
Ocampo fired up the crowd at 17-12 and forced Iltis Cedomir into a new timeout.
Nebulization with Koenen pipe 19-15. The video challenge confirms the phase in favor of Kalamata. (19-17). The American “spoke” again with a pipe for 20-17. 21-17 came by hand… Dalakura, while after successive blocks Bryan managed to find a way to make it 21-19.
Contact on the taraflex was shown by the referee in an attempt by Kalamata (22-22). Serve to Vietto, Koenen found a way to get the crowd going (24-22). Net by Uruguayan Mauricio Vieto, who in this match got playing time for the first time after his injury in the finale of last season. The set ended at 25-23 with the signature of Argentina’s Rodrigo Ocampo and Kalamata tied the sets (2-2), regaining the lost psychology.

The first point was for Kalamata 80 in the fifth set, with Dalakouras on serve. In the next phase Koenen was chosen by West and he was vindicated after his compatriot made it 2-0 by holding the captain on serve.
After a great save by Koenen, Aspiotis was the one who set the stage, giving his team the point 2-1.
The crowd stood up in the stands after Okambo’s nail that took the difference to four points (5-1).
Kalamata responded to the very strong serve of Aspiotis with an excellent defense, West brought Christofas ​​to the 1st time, with the experienced center scoring (5-3). Cool Koenen made it 7-3, In the straight line Gomez’s mark for 7-4. Newcomer Manolakis on the service for Syros, made it difficult for Kalamata defensively and Gomez found another opportunity to reduce the difference to 2. The “lightning” of Dalakoura sent the match to 8-5.
Kalamata 80 with the home team as an ally and good psychology “built” a difference of 2 and 3 points (10-7, 11-8). With a place behind the block that Aspiotis played smartly to keep the difference between the two (11-9).
Koenen’s new nail excited the stands (12-9) with the atmosphere unique in the packed hall of the municipal stadium.
(13-9). Spyros Barbounis scored on the small diagonal to make it 14-10, while the referee’s decision for overstepping the passer of Kalamata followed, for 14-11. With the “signing” of Rodrigo Ocampo, Kalamata 80 got a great victory, the first at home with a score of 15-11 and 3-2 sets after an extremely ambiguous and difficult match against Syros.

AO Kalamata 80: Dalakouras, West, Coenen, Ocampo, Christofas, Dakouris (l)/ Lykouresis, Vieito, Skartsilis
Finikas of Syros: Galiotos, Barbounis, Aspiotis, Bryan, Gomez, Daca, Karasavidis (l)/

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