An additional 40,000 tons of garbage arrived in Paleochuni-Problem for excessive quantities in Kalliroi and Skala


New meeting on November 27 for a special price for the extra quantity-Nicas: “The only solution is to reduce the volume of waste by sorting it at the source”

Great meeting under the regional governor of Peloponnese Panagiotis Nikas and on the subject of excessive amount of waste that were forwarded for management in the Paleochuni unit convened today, Monday, November 20, at the District headquarters, in Tripoli.

In said meeting – with the participation, among others, of President of FoDSA Stavros Argitakos, its representatives management company and officials executives of the Region -, the situation that shapes the fact that they were forwarded to the above unit for management was examined an additional 40,000 tons of waste from the determined maximum quantity to be managed, which the PPP provides.

At the same time, the assessment was expressed that and in the three management units it is expected that excess amounts of waste will be forwarded, for which – within the framework of the PPP – is provided for special price.

During today’s meeting, the views of the management company regarding price for the additional quantity, while one more meeting was specified – the next one Monday, November 27-, with the participation also of the technical and legal advisers of the Region and while there will have been a previous meeting of the Board of Directors. of FoDSA.

“The final decision will be made by the Economic Committee of the Region” said the regional governor of Peloponnese P. Nikas, who also pointed out:

“The treatment cannot be other than decrease in quantity -therefore also the weight- of the waste that is forwarded for management in the three units. And this can be achieved exclusively from its application recycling at source, something that should be the main goal of every municipality in all 5 P.E. in order for the primary OTAs of the Peloponnese Region to reduce their expenditure on waste management.

Of course, it goes without saying that the bins of the composites are neither intended for rubble nor for pruning -which means it needs to exist supervision from side municipalities in said bins. You shouldn’t the world also participates in this effort, in order to limit the cost of management” concluded the regional governor P. Nikas.

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