Accuracy: The “barrage” of revaluations continues, wariness about misleading offers – Newsbomb – News

Accuracy: The “barrage” of revaluations continues, wariness about misleading offers – Newsbomb – News
Accuracy: The “barrage” of revaluations continues, wariness about misleading offers – Newsbomb – News

Consumers are becoming increasingly wary of offers on the shelves, with accuracy insisting.

Last week (11/13), the signage premiered “Permanent Price Reduction”the mechanism of the Ministry of Development regarding the observance of the low cost of specific products on the supermarket shelves.

But, the bullish rally of the cost in basic commodities continues, forcing households to dig deep into their pockets for their daily needs.

The indignation of citizens “enhanced” by the misleading offers appearing on shelves, according to reports. At the same time, the scenarios for increase of VAT at non-alcoholic beverages servedwhich the government is considering.

However, its direction Ministry of Finance is to extend once again the reduced rate (13%) in transport, tourism, catering, coffee, taxis, culture and sports, as highlighted in the report.

Unthinkable: Greek products are sold cheaper abroad

Products that are produced and are packed in Hellas they are cheaper abroad than in Greek supermarkets. Dairy, coffee, flour and sausages are some of them, according to a report by ALPHA.

Specifically, organic yogurt 200 grams in Belgium it costs 1.33 euros, while in Greece it costs 2 euros (a difference of 50.3%). 500 grams of cottage cheese costs 3.45 euros in Belgium and 4.50 euros in our country (difference of 30.4%). Also, 200 grams of branded Greek coffee costs 3.15 euros in Belgium and 4.15 euros in Greece (difference of 31.7%).

Inflation “hits” and the… Christmas – The prices of trees and decorations are at a high level

The Christmas are approaching and many families have already started shopping in order to decorate their homes. However, even this joyous moment is causing… a headache for households, since the “wave” of punctuality directly affects Christmas items as well.

The investigations for Christmas tree have “caught fire”, since a fir tree costs in the retail market depending on its height from 50 euros to… 200 euros. On the other hand, there is also the choice of the artificial. Their prices start from 30 euros and potentially reach up to 150 euros.

The light bulbs of christmas tree – depending on the measures – they start from 10 euros and reach up to 75 euros. Of course, there are many consumers who gradually make their purchases, with the aim of decorating their home and getting into the Christmas spirit, spreading the cost over two months. The markets, therefore, may start from November and continue in December.

“Salty” holiday sweets this year, 16-18 euros for a kilo of gingerbread

The price for one kilo honey macaroons is expected to range from 16 – 18 euros, while increases are already observed in kourabiedeswhich cost 15-16 euros per kilo.

The buns they amount to 12 euros and half a kilo duplex at 6 euros, according to his report ACTION24 from bakery / pastry shop of Kypseli.

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