She passed out in the cabin

She passed out in the cabin
She passed out in the cabin

A passenger on the ferry from Chios to Piraeus lost consciousness in the cabin, was taken to a hospital where she ended up.

A passenger of the ship that was on the route from Chios to Piraeus, she passed out in her cabinserved on hospital where it was found that death her.

According to the relevant announcement, “in the morning hours today, the Tzelepi Port Authority was informed by a member of the crew of the E/G-O/G ship, which was carrying out a scheduled route from the port of Chios to the port of Piraeus, about the need transit domestic passenger, which passed out in her cabin.

In the above first aid was initially provided by the crew of the ship, with negative results. Afterwards, she was transferred to the General Hospital of Elefsina “Thriassio”, where her death was confirmed.

From the 1st Tzelepi Port Department of the Central Port Authority of Piraeus, which conducts the preliminary investigation, an autopsy was ordered to be carried out at the Forensic Service of Piraeus.

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