High school children from Argos were given a tour of Paleochuni


Students from the 1st Argos High School were given a tour today, Monday November 20, at the integrated waste management unit, in Paleochuni, Arcadia, as part of planned visits by high school students from the 5 Regional Units organized by the Peloponnese Region.

The children were welcomed on the spot by the regional governor, Panagiotis Nikas, underlining – during the meeting he had with them – the important role of recycling and the circular economy in general.

The regional governor emphasized, in particular, the importance of the rational management of waste in general, while in particular regarding recycling P. Nikas called on the children to promote the concept of recycling with enthusiasm in their cities:

“The youth should take up this fight, which is directly and dominantly linked to the protection of the environment” underlined the regional governor of Peloponnese.

The aim of the visits and guided tours – the series of which ends tomorrow, Tuesday, November 21, with the visit of the 1st High School of Nafplion – are high school students from 5 P.E. to see up close and be informed, by executives of the above unit, how it works and how garbage is managed.

In total, the unit in Paleochuni – after the completion of school tours organized by the Peloponnese Region – will have been visited by students from 3 high schools in Messinia, 2 in Argolis and one each in Arcadia, Corinthia and Laconia.

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