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They join forces lawyers and other freelancers, who at this time are holding a joint press conference on the new tax measures announced by the government that hit the specific sectors.

The interview takes place at the offices of the Athens Chamber of Commerce (Akadimias 18) and the following organizations participate:

* General Confederation of Professional Craft Merchants of Greece (GSEVEE)

* Plenary meeting of the Presidents of the Bar Associations of Greece

* Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship

* Geotechnical Chamber of Greece

* Professional Chamber of Athens (EEA)

* Chamber of Commerce of Athens

* Hellenic Dental Federation

* Coordination Committee of Notarial Associations of Greece (SSEAPAD)

* Federation of Court Administrators of Greece

* Panhellenic Veterinary Association, Commissioners of Greece

* Panhellenic Association of Physiotherapists

* Union of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Greece

The interview is broadcast from the DSA YouTube page at: and

Lawyers: The new two-day abstinence

As announced lawyers will proceed to the new two-day universal abstinence on November 21 and 22, while on November 22, 2023 a pan-lawyer abstinence is being prepared from 10 am to 4 pm of all fighting lawyers, salaried lawyers in the private, public and wider public sectors, Banks , DEKO, associates of law offices and law firms, in order to participate in the protest march and the gathering outside the Ministry of Finance.

“The Government’s new tax measures are unfair. They affect freelancers, scientists and small and medium-sized businesses. Everyone at the protest rally on Wednesday, November 22, at 11:00, at the DSA” it says, about the march to the Ministry of Finance.



The lawyers’ abstention framework

As decided by the Board of Directors of the DSA ratifying the recent decision of the Plenary Session of the Presidents of the Bar Associations of Greece:

* On 22.11.2023 All-lawyer abstinence from 10:00′ to 16:00′ of struggling lawyers, salaried lawyers in the private, public and wider public sector, Banks, DEKO, partners of law offices and law firms and participation in the protest march and at the gathering outside the Ministry of Finance on 11/22/2023 at 1:00 p.m.

Alongside, the second two-day period of universal abstinence was also decided for 21 and 22.11.2023, while at the same time defining:

– The abstention of its members from public interest trials (Public, NPDD, wider public sector as determined by Law 3429/2005) until the passage of the Bill.

– The abstention of its members from all trials during the process of passing the measures in the Parliament.

– The abstention of their members from issuing payment orders from loans with applicant Banks and debt management companies as well as from orders to be executed, in view of the filing of a bill for the funds and until the passing of the bill, taking into account the standing position of the body for the protection of economically weak and vulnerable citizens.

– The abstention of their members from the committees where lawyers participate as members (SYPOTHA, Forestry Maps, Objections to cadastral disputes, Register of Legal Advisers of Cadastre, etc.).

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