Thessaloniki: Rescue operation of the destroyer “Velos” with a diver and a crane


Since Sunday morning (19.11.2023), in Nea Paralia, Thessaloniki, the rescue operation of the destroyer “Velos”, which was damaged yesterday by the stormy winds, is underway.

The tugboat “Dionysos Z”, which has arrived as a precaution alongside the destroyer “Velos” since yesterday, is still at the scene, while a diver is participating in the effort to lift the ship, who placed the crane on the warship in order to lift it. .

The crane repositioned the protective balls between the ship and the deck, so that the moored ship would not continue to strike it.

At the same time, he removed part of the ship’s stern that was damaged and detached from yesterday’s impact on the concrete wharf and also on the wooden deck – which was partially destroyed again – of Nea Paralia, resulting in a huge crack.

“To return to “Naval Tradition Park””

The Association of Imprisoned and Exiled Resistance Fighters (S.F.E.A.) 1967-1974 requests the safe return of the ship-museum “Velos” to its intended location, in the “Marine Tradition Park” in Paleo Faliro.

As stated in a related announcement by the Association, the historic ship, which has been moored at Nea Paralia since September 2019, was kept upright thanks to the assistance of a tug that rushed to its aid from the port of Thessaloniki.

“We express our strong protest to the leadership of the Ministry of National Defense, because it continues to turn a deaf ear to our messages – and the relevant questions of parliamentarians – which warned that “the condition of the ship is EXTREMELY alarming and unsafe”, as the area of ​​New Beach in Thessaloniki, to which the ship was transferred, is completely unsuitable and does not meet the international security provisions according to the ISPS Code, and furthermore because as a warship it does not have the appropriate protection, given that this area is unsafe because it is not a safe port. Instead, it is open to the winds [κυρίως βαρδάρης] and the sea, with the result that the monument is completely unprotected from the weather. For an 80-year-old ship that needs systematic and special maintenance, these conditions are disastrous.”

Evangelos Apostolakis: To investigate the causes

For his part, Evangelos Apostolakis calls for the reasons why the destroyer “Arrow” was found to be in danger to be investigated and to ensure the protection of the historic ship.

In a statement, the head of the National Defense Department of the SYRIZA PS states that “the ship is moored at the new beach of Thessaloniki, where it is exposed to the weather” and emphasizes that “it is imperative that the ‘Arrow’ be transported to the nearest port in order to be protected, but also to carry out the required work immediately to restore the damages that have been caused”.

Furthermore, he notes on the one hand that “it is necessary to investigate the causes and conditions under which the ship was in danger for the second time” and, on the other hand, that “it is the State’s obligation to preserve this historic ship, a symbol of the struggle against the dictatorship and to arrange for its transfer to the place it belongs, that is, to the Naval Delivery Park”.

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