Special honorary plaque for Nikos Kouros from the “Bridges” International Festival


This year, the 14th “Bridges” International Film Festival, which took place in Corinth and ended the day before yesterday, Sunday, November 12, at the city’s Municipal Theater, honored Nikos Kouros with a special plaque. The plaque was about the two tribute films edited by the director, to our unforgettable actress Katerina Helmi, who passed away last April and who for the last two years was the Vice President of the said festival. One, a fifteen-minute reference to the actress’s enormous work, in theater, cinema and television, with rare material and narrated by the actress Evdokia Roumeliotis, Helmi’s close friend. The second, a five-minute film entitled “At the Museum of Ancient Corinth with Katerina Helmi”, filmed in 2021, with footage from the actress’ visit to Ancient Corinth, with Petra Terzi and Nikos Kouros. A production of the “Gefyres” Festival and Creating Memories and with contributors Konstantinos Manousaridis in editing and color grading, Nikos Haro in the camera, Stavros Papastavrou in the music and Nikos Kouros in the direction.

At the same time, at the 14th “Bridges” International Film Festival, Nikos Kouros’ new film “The Hidden Charm of the Conspiracy” was screened, garnering laudatory comments, in the presence of himself as well as his director of photography and constant collaborator in recent years, Konstantinos Manousaridis.

Watch the video of the presentation

Photos courtesy of the Bridges Festival and photographer Juan Curtis

“The Discreet Charm of the Conspiracy” (2023)


Two super-aged tycoons are looking for ways to subjugate humanity and at the same time achieve the most profitable business.


Starring: Stamatis Pagasios, Nikos Kourou

Participants: Apostolos Valatsos, Erifuli Krana, Katerina Leoni, Stivi Pagonari, Giorgos Raidis, Georgia Sarafidou

Adaptation of Subtitles, Translation by Judi Caso, Fotis Lymberopoulos

Hairstylists Kalliopi Fasoula, Katerina Alexiadou, Kiki Adamidou, Despina Adamidou

Makeup by Katerina Alexiadou, Kalliopi Fasoula

Costume Design Venetia Nassi, Paris Koukoulopoulos

Photos by Erifuli Krana

Assistant Director Kalliopi Fasoula, Iota Kourou

Edited poster by Michalis Temelkos

Special Effects by Kostas Mandalia

Sound Editing by Dimitris Stasinos

Edited by Nikos Kourou

Music by Odysseus Daktilas

Dir. Photography, Camera, Aerial Shots, Color Grading Konstantinos Manousaridis

Screenplay by Fotis Lymberopoulos

Directed by Nikos Kourou


Creating Memories Photography, Lazaros Manousaridis ©️ 2023


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