28.5 million euros from sub-measure 14.1 “Good treatment of Pigs in cages”


The Minister of Rural Development and Food, Lefteris Avgenakis and the Deputy Minister, Dionysis Stamenitis, in collaboration with the Secretary General of Union Resources and Infrastructure, Dimitris Papagiannidis, announce the issuance of 1her call for the submission of applications for support under sub-measure 14.1 “Good treatment of pigs kept in cages” (no. 3994/8-11-2023, ADA: 6DI94653PG-OX6) budget €28.5 million.

The program is implemented for the first time in our country and the invitation is addressed to pig farmers with holding capacity equal to or greater than 50 sows, caged breeding.

THE submission of support applications is done exclusively onlineon the website https://welfarepigs.opekepe.Grin the interval from 11/13/2023 to 11/27/2023.

The main objective of the sub-measure is to improve the living conditions of pigs in Greek farming, it refers to specific actions/commitments for the good treatment of pigs, which provide upgraded standards of production methods in the areas of water, feed, housing conditions and practices that avoid castration of animals.

Beneficiaries’ commitments are two-year duration and start from the day after the deadline for submission of support applications.

Financial assistance is granted on an annual basis and per Livestock Capital Unit (LCU), in order to compensate the beneficiaries for the loss of income (missing income) and additional expenses, as a result of the commitments they undertake, which are:

· Increasing the minimum free floor space during group housing of sows

· Continuous addition of mycobinders to animal feeds

· Quarterly water quality control

· Use of immunocastration (optional)

The aid for:

– Sows: up to €54.5/animal/year

– Other pigs: up to €7.5/animal/year

To the above amounts are added expenses for water quality control laboratory analyzes up to €1,200/year per distinct breeding area and expenses for technical support up to 5% of the annual aid.

The said program is of particular importance as it addresses a dynamic sector of primary production, which aims to promote the well-being of productive animals, as a main component of the sustainability of farming, urging breeders to follow specific commitments, beyond those mandated by the European and National legislation. In addition, the measure has as its ultimate goal the production of livestock products – which are currently absent – which are aimed at a sensitized consumer public regarding the hygienic conditions and well-being of animals.

The invitation as well as the 3992/07.11.2023 circular “Definition of technical details of the implementation of the commitments and a model of the Welfare Plan of the holding for Sub-Measure 14.1 “Good treatment of Pigs in stable farming” (ADA: ΠΝΡΥ4653ΓΓ-3ΓΓ), are posted in the program ” CLARITY” www.diavgeia.gov.gron the websites of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communicationswww.minagric.grof PAA www.agrotikianaptixi.gr and ESPA www.espa.gr

The article “28.5 million euros from sub-measure 14.1 “Good treatment of Pigs in cages””, was published for the first time in CRETA24.

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