Eleni Gerasimidou’s husband and daughter were brought in


Antonis Xenos and Angeliki Xenos, the husband and daughter of actress Eleni Gerasimidou, were brought to GADA at noon on Sunday.

The introduction was announced by Spyros Bibilas in a post on Facebook. According to the president of SEH, Angeliki and Antonis Xenos were taken to GADA because they had hung a Palestinian flag on their car. Actress Mania Papadimitriou also posted about the daughter and husband of Eleni Gerasimidou.

“Since when is it forbidden in our country to support the Palestinian people’s right to justice and peace?” he wrote.


Spyros Bibila’s post

“It seems that the situation in our country is out of control! It is with great sadness and anger that we were recently informed that two of our SEH members, fighters for many years, were brought to GADA, on the grounds that they had raised the Palestinian flag from their car. This is Antonis Xeno and Aggeliki Xeno (family of our beloved Eleni Gerasimidou).

Since when is free expression prohibited? Our reaction was immediate… Both Eleni as directly interested and former KKE member of parliament and I as president of SEH and member of Pleussi Eleftheria demanded the immediate release of our 2 actors.

We stand in solidarity with the tragedy of the Palestinian people and the slaughter by Israeli forces in retaliation for the atrocities committed by the terrorist Hamas. The government must protect freedom of expression.

On the other hand, today I was scolded in the middle of the street by a god-fearing lady (who “threatened” me that she would never see me in the theater as a spectator again!!!!) because I defended in the Parliament the right to freedom of expression when the president of the Hellenic Solution and Velopoulos characterized the remarkable Themida Bazaka as immoral for her ideas.

It seems that a lot of work is still needed for everyone to respect the ideas of others… At last our country and all our people must come to terms with the values ​​of freedom and democracy.”

Announcement of the Press Office on the pogrom against protesters and the unacceptable arrest of the actors Antonis and Aggeliki Xenos

The KKE condemns the pogrom that the government and the police have unleashed since the morning against the multifaceted and symbolic protests against the massacre in Gaza, during the Marathon Road Race, resulting in the arrest of dozens of Palestinians.

Actors Antonis and Aggeliki Xenou were also victims of this operation, who were brought and detained in GADA “for verification of information”, because they passed outside the Israeli embassy with a Palestinian flag hanging on their car.

The government’s complete alignment with the occupying state of Israel and our country’s involvement in the carnage is diametrically opposed to popular sentiment and therefore employs terrorism and repression. It seeks to silence any expression of militant mobilization, even symbolic actions of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Terrorism will not pass! Today’s solidarity shows prove that the slogan “Freedom in Palestine” will be heard even louder!

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