Stefanos Kasselakis: Political immaturity and staged aggression – Newsbomb – News

Stefanos Kasselakis: Political immaturity and staged aggression – Newsbomb – News
Stefanos Kasselakis: Political immaturity and staged aggression – Newsbomb – News

The overall picture presented yesterday by its central committee SYRIZA but also himself Kasselakis exceeds any limit of political triviality and the party that carries the title of the official opposition presents an image of the type “Melody Kindergarten”

A president supposedly irritated, staged aggressive, in a shirt he openly ascended the podium of the SYRIZA central committee and with a poor vocabulary of 150 words he repeated wooden sayings written for him by his political mentors.

Phrases that are garbled, slurred about treason, about a fifth phalanx without beginning, middle and end, damned if he even knows what they mean. The definition of verbalism.

An absolutely sad sight of a man without any political weight being in an aggressive frenzy with analyzes that could make children of the third grade possibly even the second…
Trapped in his superego, he makes rags of the party’s constitution and throws the ball of resignations at the base without himself taking the political cost of a split.

At the same time, instead of breaking the Gordian link, it still maintains it. He is fueling the fire of toxicity and inner turmoil and it was clear from his presence that he is not looking for any solution at all.

Equally sad are his internal party opponents who act as hostages of Kasselakis and by playing his game maintain the stalemate in Koumoundourou.

Now of course it is too late for there to be a reversal of the climate and today’s dissidents have a huge responsibility because they allowed this humiliation of the left to happen in Greece. Whether they stay or leave, no one is going to feel sorry for the internal party rivals, Kasselakis, and certainly not for the shipowner president himself.

The big accident is for the electoral base of SYRIZA and for those who believed that Kasselakis has the political displacement to defeat Mitsotakis and it turned out that he cannot defeat Fili and Skourletis either.

But Kasselakis did something unique. No other person could have dismantled SYRIZA so quickly and in such a humiliating way. Not even Tzoumakas if he had been elected to the leadership.

The imported president of SYRIZA proved, intentionally or unintentionally, that in this party there was no cohesive element between its executives, other than the occupation of the joints of power. It proved that the famous advantage of the left was not a bubble.

So you don’t fall from the clouds if Panos Skourletis, Nikos Filis, Euklidis Tsakalotos or Efi Ahtsioglou leave. Just as no one fell from the clouds when Panagiotis Lafazanis, Zoe Konstantopoulou, Dimitris Stratoulis and others left… Very aptly, a few days ago, the SYRIZA MEP, Stelios Kouloglou, noted in his radio interview that SYRIZA is “disposable party”. In other words, he just found a wave in 2015 and rode it all the way there. Koumoundourou was unable to do anything more.

Today SYRIZA gives the image that it is a political entity that knows neither where it comes from, nor where it is, nor where it is going. Everyone has their own personal agenda and their own ambition for advancement in the party yearbook. They have no vision and no strategy neither for their party nor for the country. At least that’s what they’re getting out as a message.

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