Aziz Aga: The largest bridge of Western Macedonia

Aziz Aga: The largest bridge of Western Macedonia
Aziz Aga: The largest bridge of Western Macedonia

Once upon a time there was a story about a bridge which, while being built, did not deteriorate and fell down… and don’t let your mind go to the well-known story of the bridge of Arta…

So his beautiful bridge Aziz Agha at West Macedoniapresented difficulties during its construction, due to its very long length and height. There were two times where during its demoulding its middle and greater arch fell, so big decisions had to be made and even bigger threats sounded…

So, its construction was entrusted to a famous master craftsman of the region by the fearless Aziz Agha, on the condition that if the bridge did not stand, the punishment would be the head of the master craftsman himself.

The bridge was built for the third time, but the master craftsman, when the last molds were being removed, fled in fear.Skifti“, a little south of the bridge, towards the village Gardenerso as to avoid sanctions if the bridge eventually fell again.

But this time the bridge stood despite the difficulties of its construction and so the foreman was handsomely paid by Aziz Agha himself who congratulated him on his endeavour.

It is assumed that the bridge it was built in 1727, but there are also those who argue that it was built in the 19th century. Be that as it may, the importance of such a construction was enormoussince the bridge was located right on the mountain road that connected Macedonia with Epirus.

It is located near the village Trikomoabout 20 kilometers from the city of Grevena and is the largest stone bridge of Western Macedonia. The length it’s his 75 meters and consists of three arches, with the largest central one ending in an ellipsoidal arch, with an opening of 30 meters. Its width reaches 3 meters and its height 15 meters.

Looking at the bridge, one can well understand the difficulty of its construction, but at the same time admire exactly the same thing…

And if nowadays the bridge of Aziz Agha has lost its importance since no one crosses it anymore, the his image alone is capable of offering the most beautiful images of the area, with the Venetian bridge to now look like a toy of the past, adorning the present with its amazing presence alone…


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