What will the building that houses ELTA Patras be turned into – What will be its new use

What will the building that houses ELTA Patras be turned into – What will be its new use
What will the building that houses ELTA Patras be turned into – What will be its new use

The management of ELTA is drawing up new plans for the utilization of its network in Patras for 2024, following a new strategy in the utilization of its assets.

Also, as announced on Thursday by the managing director of ELTA Mr. Sklikas, in collaboration with the Superfund, an international tender is being announced for the recruitment of a consultant who will undertake the valuation of the real estate and the ways of utilizing it. According to Mr. Sklikas there are properties with huge interest such as the seven-story property in Patras where only the ground floor is used and could become an Airbnb.
In terms of development, ELTA focuses on the postal transport sector in cooperation with Chinese e-commerce “players”. According to the business plan that has been in full development since July, ELTA is gradually being transformed into a modern, outward-looking force of postal services. This includes, of course, new “padlocks” in shops mainly in the region.
During the previous month of October, 6 more ELTA stores were closed in Western Greece, while another 15 had stopped operating during the summer. “These stores were “remnants of another era, of the 90s” according to Mr. Sklikas who commented at the same time: “We took care to strengthen the rural distribution service, we strengthened the neighborhood postmen with digital tools so that, in addition to managing postal delivery, being able to collect card payments, distribute pensions and pay any bill on behalf of customers. To bring, in a few words, a series of modern services to the customers’ door, facilitating their daily life”.
At the same time, the joint operation of ELTA and ELTA Courier is progressing with the aim of completing the merger by 2024. At the same time, the operation of the store in Patras was upgraded with the implementation of extended hours and the filling of gaps in staffing. In the next phase, within 2024, ELTA’s goal is to expand its presence beyond the physical network, creating franchise stores and alternative last mile networks, and shop in shop as well as more “ELTA PostBox” collection points.

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