Chr. Kellas: The Northern Epirotes, last guardians of “old” Greece


“Every action that contributes to the preservation of historical memory and the transmission of morals and customs is worthy of congratulations. With your zeal and hard work, I am sure you will succeed. Just like you did in Northern Epirus and Greece, by creating proper families. Just as you became dignified in the racist attitudes you faced from the Albanians in Northern Epirus, but unfortunately also here, in the first years.”

A characteristic excerpt from the greeting of the parliamentarian of the ND of Larissa, Christos Kella, at the celebratory event of the foundation of the new Women’s Association of Northern Epirus of Thessaly “Asvesti Floga”.

The politician from Larisa, after congratulating the president Violeta Zisi and the members, for the initiative to establish the Association, referred to “women fighters, who hold high the flag of the country and carry in their hearts and souls their place of origin, the great Northern Epirus”, noting:

“Northern Epirotians and Northern Epirotites, you are the last custodians of “old” Greece, as even today the Greek element is present and excels in a place that has been glorified and martyred at the same time.

I am well aware of the major problems that you face, as I know that you are aware of the serious efforts of our government to solve them.

We have provided a solution to your pension by adjusting the calculation method for the national pension, as well as the social solidarity allowance for uninsured senior citizens.

In the same direction and our attitude in the part of diplomatic relations with Albania, as we have made clear, the European perspective of Albania presupposes the protection of the individual and political rights of the Greek National Minority, with all that this implies”.

In closing, Mr. Kellas, after welcoming to Larissa the Mayor of Dropolis and Pogoni, Dimitris Tolis, called on the women and men of North Epirus to continue to hold high the flag of their origin and history, while he wished the newly established Association to be a hive of culture and history and delivery.

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