The next day in SYRIZA after the two days of the “great flight”

The next day in SYRIZA after the two days of the “great flight”
The next day in SYRIZA after the two days of the “great flight”

Last Friday’s sermon by Stefanos Kasselakis towards the SYRIZA people had a clear aim. The newly minted president and his associates wanted to follow the two-day “great flight”.

To open the door of the central hotel where the Central Committee and to leave those who the leadership group considers… burdensome and subversive. Such was the “sermon” and the Sabbath talk that there was no room for misinterpretation. There were no second thoughts about what Mr. Kasselakis had in mind.

He did not even leave open the possibility of a conversation that could smooth the corners and unite the many broken pieces of Koumoundourou. The final whistle on Sunday night in the “internal party derby” probably left the president and the presidential bloc not completely satisfied.

As expected, the “Umbrella” also welcomed a… roster with many leading and historical figures of the party. Names like o Euclid TsakalotosNikos Filis, Thodoris Dritsas, Nikos Voutsis, Andreas Xanthos, Panos Skourletis, Tasia Christodoulopoulou, all with Minister’s portfolio during the “First time”, moved to other states.

SYRIZA: The challenge of the European elections

With the possibility of a new party more than open and indeed soon since there is the challenge of the European elections ahead. As for other states, Stefanos Tzoumakas also moved, which probably less they will… cry for him as was seen with the performance in the recent internal party elections.

So far… good for Kasselakis. He wanted the above to leave and they left. In his mind, however, he had apparently created the departure of Efi Ahtsioglou as an ideal scenario. A big thorn for him as it was seen all the previous days.

In the end, the presidential candidate will remain within SYRIZA as it became known through her announcement and now as Sakis once said “now the hard times begin, now…”.

The tough position – announcement of Mrs. Ahtsioglou against the president of the party is also the road map for the “next day”. A following day that initially finds SYRIZA minus two MPs (Tsakalotos, Perkas) officially, but also others… minus probably from the positions of its president.

Data n Efi Ahtsioglou will be the internal pole of the opposition to Stefanos Kasselakis and it remains to be seen how many episodes the remake of the movie “Two Strangers in the Same Town” will endure. That is, if the toxicity overflowing from the Official Opposition party will continue to monopolize domestic political news.

What is certain is that Kasselakis (or maybe Polakis too?) they didn’t untangle 100% with those they wanted to untangle…

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