Fai Bakoiorgou: Mouths are opening in her neighborhood

Fai Bakoiorgou: Mouths are opening in her neighborhood
Fai Bakoiorgou: Mouths are opening in her neighborhood

According to a report by Mega, mouths are slowly opening up in the neighborhood of the 23-year-old Fais Bakoiorgouwho was found dead in Kypseli in October 2021.

“Beatings, threats, forced into prostitution and begging, even forced to fall on the wheels of moving cars for the women who exploited her to claim compensation”is characteristically emphasized.

It is recalled that the 23-year-old was found dead in October 2021 in Kypseli and two years later her mother, sister and landlady are found accused for her murder. Their statement to the judicial authorities is expected tomorrow, Monday, November 13.

A neighbor of the 23-year-old spoke on Mega’s show “You haven’t seen anything yet”, which revealed the tragedy that was hidden in the apartment on Drosopoulou Street.

“We heard many times and called the police. We were saying ‘this is happening, children are being abused’. They were getting a call from her apartment buildingthey could hear crying from the lamplighter. “Eat the tomato, why don’t you like it?”. Wood was falling. They called, they said “we can’t come, because we don’t have a complaint. If the mother doesn’t do it herself, we can’t come,” said the neighbor.

Testimony for Faye

“We were taken to the Juvenile Department. Again, “no, because we don’t have a complaint from the mother herself.” The girl was afraid to go and file a complaint,” he then added. The neighbor had seen the 23-year-old in a tragic state, with the signs of abuse evident on her body.

“He was coming beaten, bruised on the face, on the hands. It was beginning girl and was falling. He couldn’t speak. She had had her hair cut boyishwas unrecognizable, bad haircut, marked on the neck, scratches, blood. He was just walking. Since then, not even her I saw again“, he said.

As the neighbor said, Faye could barely walk, she was always palewith her eyes dark yellow and swollen. The 23-year-old had not asked for help from the neighborhood, because she was afraid.

“They watched her, they didn’t leave her alone. She could not speak, her sister was watching her“, he said afterwards.

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