Patras: EINA elections on Wednesday

Patras: EINA elections on Wednesday
Patras: EINA elections on Wednesday

The nominations for E.I.N.A.’s Board of Directors, Three-member Committees, delegates for the conference of OENGE and representatives to N.T. ADEDY, will be:

WEDNESDAY December 13, 2023 from 8am to 5pm

and they concern:

· Board of Directors E.I.N.A. (9 members) and Audit Committee (3 members)

· Delegates for N.T. Conference A.D.E.D.Y.

· Three-member Committees of Hospitals and Hospitals

· Delegates for the 11th Conference of O.E.N.G.E

Nominations can be submitted in writing until Wednesday 06/12/2023 at 3:00 pm to the Central Electoral Committee that will be elected by the Assembly either with a joint statement (for a combination) or with an individual statement (for an individual candidate).

All members of E.I.N.A. have the right to elect and be elected. (E.S.Y. doctors, specialists, assistants, rural doctors, TOMY Achaia doctors) who are registered in the lists that will be distributed to the polling centers under the responsibility of the Election Commission. Specialists do not participate in the ballot as representatives of ADEDY and do not vote in this ballot box. Colleagues who have been transferred to Achaia from another prefecture do not have the right to participate.

We are convening an election reporting meeting on Wednesday 08.11 at 1pm in the PGNP auditorium and due to non-guaranteed quorum, postponed to Wednesday 15.11 at 1pm in the same place with the issues of the report of the outgoing Board of Directors and the election of the Central Electoral Committee.

The election process will be conducted as follows:

University Hospital of Rio

Wednesday 13/12

NHS doctors – Specialists – PGNP assistants

PGNP Amphitheater

Agios Andreas General Hospital – Karamandanio – Health Centers (South, North, Ano Poli, Erymanthia, Chalandritsa, Kato Achaia) – TOMY Patras

Wednesday 13/12

ESY doctors – Specialists – Assistants of Agios Andreas and Karamandanei as well as all the doctors of the Health Centers (except Akrata, Kleitoria, Aigio) and the TOMY Achaia (except TOMY Aigio)

Room next to the former Vaccination Center – Tachyrrythmo 1st floor Agios Andreas Hospital

Aigio Hospital – Kalavryton Hospital – Akrata Hospital – Klitoria Hospital – Aigio Hospital – Aigio TOMY

Wednesday 13/12

All the doctors of the Hospitals of Aigio, Kalavryta, KY Aigio, KY Akrata, KY Kleitoria and TOMY Aigio

Amphitheater of Aigio hospital

The colleagues of all KY, TOMY, G.N.Aigiou and G.N.Kalavryta must pay the amount until the day of the elections (there will be relevant E.I.N.A receipt blocks in the voting halls) of 15 euros to have the right to vote as paid members.

For the Board of Directors of E.I.N.A.

the president, Dimitris Ziazias

the secretary, Stelios Tsochatzis

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