Municipal Theater of Thermi: “Love in Maissa Thessaloniki”


A sergiani from yesterday to today, with soul and mind, in the alleys of our city. Protagonist…Eros

It is a musical theater show, with the theme of the history of Thessaloniki from its foundation until today, with love as the central axis, surrounded by theatrical, musical, dance acts and songs. Through a linear narrative but also through theatrical and musical events, we nostalgically experience the historical and cultural events of our city.

The group is made up of teachers-amateur musicians, singers, choreographers, actors, dancers and from time to time well-known artists participate (as friendly participation), such as Kostas Pratsinakis, Dilek Kots, Thomas Korovinis, Manolis Chatzimanolis and others.

The play has been performed for two consecutive years in the past in the municipalities of N. Thessaloniki and N. Imathia.

Performance ID

Texts, direction and production organization
Edge Cutting

Music direction and orchestration
Yiannis Poimenidis

Meropi Koptsis, Yiannis Tsiganos

They play in alphabetical order

Achilleas Anagnostou
Vasilis Dagdilelis
Lena Deligiannis
Edge Cutting
Droso Liaro
Eleni Lymberi
Kalliopi Mitsakakis
Vasilis Papadimitriou
Tasos Papapavlidis
Aspa Savrami
Nikos Tagilis
Smaro Genanidou

In the song
Anastasia Vasiliadou
Michalis Kanlis
Ioannis Mitsas
Vassilis Tsanaktsidis
and little Giorgos Tsanaktsidis

In music
Stavros Doulgerakis – lyre
Michalis Kanlis-percussion
Ioannis Mitsas – guitar, oud, political lyre
Antonis Bousekas-bouzouki
Michalis Papavomvolakis – lute
Giannis Poimenidis-violin
Vassilis Tsanaktsidis-baglamadaki
and little Christos Yiannopoulos-bouzouki

In Dance
Dimitris Deligiannis
George Koukras
Natasha Marouda
Nikos Tagilis
the Cultural Association of Flower Gardens of Efkarpia
the Association of Cretans “Cretans of Macedonia”
the Asia Minor Association “Usak”

Meropi Koptsi-Giorgos Ladopoulos
Editing of Audio Material
Grigoris Papavasiliou

Anastasia Emmanuilidou
Public relations managers
Agapi Karfopoulou-Meropi Koptsi

Anna Lambrinidou


► Info

Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Start time: 20.15 pm.

Municipal Theater of Thermi
Dimitriou Karaolis-Captain Hapsa, Thermi

Free entrance

The performance has a charitable purpose, so please those who wish to bring food for the vulnerable families of the Municipality.
Edge Cutting
Contact details: tel. 6907844038
Email: [email protected]


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