Keracini: He abused two disabled people and broadcast it on the Internet

Keracini: He abused two disabled people and broadcast it on the Internet
Keracini: He abused two disabled people and broadcast it on the Internet

And the most perverted imagination is surpassed by the action of 42-year-old Keracini, who broadcast live on his online channel the abuse of a 21-year-old girl and a 25-year-old man, both mentally disabled.

And all of this was watched by heavily paying, sick subscribers. They paid up to 150 euros to watch the victims suffer.

The two young men were forced by the 42-year-old to hit each other with ropes and punches. Other times he forced them into sexual acts.

In one of the many gruesome videos, the 42-year-old holds the razor and shaves the young woman’s head. She reacts, gets up from the chair and threatens her. He then has another girl shave her eyebrows too.

He hit his defenseless victims even with a taser, while in dozens of videos he degraded human existence in unimaginable ways.

Even putting the young man’s head in a toilet bowl and stepping on the cistern, while others in the room burst out laughing.

At least 3 years that the phenomenon exists

And all this unimaginable with direct access to the internet and thousands of subscribers among them minors.

A user of the platform who had become aware of the existence of these abuse videos spoke exclusively to MEGA, speaking of a violent fashion with live abuse.

“This phenomenon has existed on the Greek internet for at least 3 years. We as users have made reports many times, because you cannot do anything else, there is no other legal framework. At best, the video may simply drop. It’s a violent fashion with live abuse, assaults against women, assaults against the disabled, which are broadcast live without anyone doing anything.”

The 42-year-old was arrested shortly after midnight following an anonymous complaint to the authorities. A case was filed against him for causing bodily harm, insulting and pimping, crimes committed with racial characteristics as well as violation of the weapons law.

554 horror videos

According to the authorities’ investigation, the systematic abuse of the children by the 42-year-old began in September 2022.

The investigation has yielded 554 horror videos, with the 42-year-old having 22,700 subscribers to his platform, who paid handsomely to watch horrors.

The brutal acts of the 42-year-old were noticed by the authorities when one of the videos of the horror fell into the hands of a police officer, who informed EL.AS.

It is noted that the 42-year-old was arrested yesterday, Friday, in a car at his home, while he was broadcasting live.

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