Famellos is embarrassed after the “storm” in SYRIZA

Famellos is embarrassed after the “storm” in SYRIZA
Famellos is embarrassed after the “storm” in SYRIZA

The embarrassment of the president of the SYRIZA Parliamentary Group, Sokratis Famellos, was evident after the Central Committee meeting.

The deputy of the official opposition party spoke to the press representatives emphasizing that his party “understands the great needs of society and the country” underlining that the path to the Congress has clear political characteristics. In fact, wanting to be more specific, he argued that “SYRIZA is committed to submitting a proposal to Greek society”.

The departure and the “battle” that follows

With regard to internal party issues and the departure of “Umbrella”, he said that “personally and collectively we are sorry for the departure of our comrades” but despite this “we claim to have the greatest momentum” and therefore “no one is left out of this battle and we must we are more and more”.

He denounced “behavior inconsistent with the spirit of the statute”

He pledged at the same time that the battle will be fought inside and outside society. “We will continue with a lot of work because while we are discussing our internal affairs, society has continued to suffer from Mr. Mitsotakis. We cannot forget this,” he asserted.

Finally, regarding what happened in the party’s Central Committee, he criticized “behavior that is not in line with the spirit of the statute” but also with a dose of relief he said that “the statutory issues and penalties and the referendum were also resolved” to conclude that inside the hall the discussion “was constructive.”

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