The “Morocco” stadium closes: when does the work start!

The “Morocco” stadium closes: when does the work start!
The “Morocco” stadium closes: when does the work start!

On Monday, the Evosmou municipal stadium (Evosmou sports park known as Morocco) closes and the removal of the plastic carpet and the shaping of the infrastructure so that there are no problems with slopes and potholes, in view of the installation of the new carpet, will begin until the end of November and the lighting.

There were two previous objections, which led to the delay in the implementation of the project.

It should be mentioned that the contract was signed on August 8, while recently there have been no official matches of the many teams that use this stadium as their headquarters, only training sessions.

The carpet due to co-ownership has been the same since 2006.

With obstacles we reached this point passing 40 waves.

An updated study is also expected for the stadium above the regional one, which is a 2004 project, and this should also be done at some point.

Solutions are also expected from the municipality of Thessaloniki in the stadium of Triandria where the carpet will have to be changed, in Kalamaria, in the stadiums in the area, but also in all the municipalities of Thessaloniki, maintenance works will have to be done on the facilities as well as new stadiums (11X11) .

The burden is heavy for the mayors who will take over from the beginning of the year, but the region and the state in general will have to provide solutions.



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