The systematic abuse of disabled people, the thousands of viewers and the payments to the 42-year-old for the torture


More and more shocking details from his action 42 years old from Keratsini who was abusing Disabled in live transmission come to light. The offender was abusing by continuation young or even older men and womeneven using a taser while them he was cursing and many times obliged them to sexual deeds asking viewers for a monetary contribution.

According to SKAI, the 42 years old was paid even with 130 euro people who were willing to give this amount to watch live the torture of the youths persons with mental retardation.

As reported by Mega, the victims they were forced several times by the 42-year-old hitting each other with ropes and punches or otherwise humiliating each other. In shocking video even the man holding shaving machine machine he shaves the hair of the 21-year-old girl and when she reacts he threatens her.

The perpetrator, who has been popular on live streaming platforms for years, has been systematically abusing these people for years with thousands of viewers watching and some of them paying for the humiliating spectacle it offers them.

Systematic abuse of years and 554 videos

The systematic abuse of children by the 42-year-old began in September 2022 and from the investigation so far have emergedi 554 horror videoswith the 42-year-old having 22,700 subscribers on his platformwho paid to witness atrocities.

His brutal acts 42 years old were noticed by the authorities when one of the videos of the horror fell into the hands of a police officer, who informed EL.AS. It is noted that the 42-year-old was arrested yesterday, Friday, in a car at his home, while he was broadcasting live.

A case was filed against him for causing bodily harm, insulting and pimping, crimes committed with racial characteristics as well as violation of the weapons law.

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