The former mayor F. Hatzidiakos died

The former mayor F. Hatzidiakos died
The former mayor F. Hatzidiakos died

The former mayor of Rhodes, Fotis Hatzidiakos, died at the age of 64, after a short but hard battle with cancer.

Fotis Hatzidiakos was born in Rhodes in 1959. He graduated from the School of Law of the Greek University of Athens (1981) and from 1983 he worked as a lawyer in Rhodes, near the Supreme Court. He also graduated in political sciences from the Athens University of Applied Sciences (2001) and holds postgraduate studies from the University of the Aegean (2008). Married to the Cretan notary of Rhodes, Agapi Kalomiris, they had a son, Stergos.

Fotis Hatzidiakos’ engagement with the public began in 1999 where he served as Prefectural Councilor of Dodecanese until 2002, while for the next five years he presided over the Prefectural Council. In the three years 2007-2010, Fotis Hatzidiakos was Deputy Prefect of Development & Communications, Primary Sector and continued as Deputy Prefect of Dodecanese in the South Aegean region. In 2014, he was elected mayor of Rhodes, a position he served while also being president of the Regional Union of Municipalities (PED) of the South Aegean. From 2019 until today, he was a municipal councilor of Rhodes, while in the parliamentary elections of 2023, Fotis Hatzidiakos participated as a candidate for the Dodecanese parliament with PASOK.

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