The Athenian district that is among the coolest in the world for 2023 | Marie Claire

The Athenian district that is among the coolest in the world for 2023 | Marie Claire
The Athenian district that is among the coolest in the world for 2023 | Marie Claire

View of Athens from above –

SPagrati was on the same list last year. This year, a place among the 40 coolest neighborhoods on the planet, according to Time Out, was won by another neighborhood of the Municipality of Athens. Kypseli may be constantly gaining ground and interest from tenants and tourists, but the Expiration are those that found their place in the list of the well-known medium with the most modern and interesting districts of the world.

They are in 31st place, right after San Miguel Chapultepec in Mexico and before its neighborhood Babyand on the Bosphorus (known as Chiles or Vebekion).

“A historically radical district, Exarchia is increasingly becoming a tourist hotspot. Their resistance character has not yet been lost.” comments Time Out in its report on the Exarchia.

“The area is where one of the oldest universities in Greece, the National Technical University of Metsovio, is located, cultural venues, -from museums to record stores-, as well as many good options for food and drink (we recommend the vegan food at Cookoomela)”, says the tribute.

How was the choice made?

Forty neighborhoods in some of the world’s most beloved cities made the annual list of “coolest neighborhood” destinations, selected from a poll of 12,000 city dwellers and local experts, who ranked the areas based on entertainment, dining , culture and community.

Other factors such as social character, access to open spaces and green spaces and thriving street life contributed to the final list of trendsetters.

In first place was the Laureles in Colombia. A neighborhood of contrasts where the famous night strip “La 70” and Medellin’s soccer stadium meet yoga studios and countless cafes.

The Smithfield in Dublin it is the second coolest neighborhood on the planet, according to Time Out. Its beauty lies in its authenticity, with old and new independent establishments coexisting harmoniously.

The top five is completed by quiet and cool Havnen in Copenhagenbecause it’s where the city comes to play with boats, paddleboards and kayaks.

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