ASEP 4K/2023: Applications now for 77 permanent recruitments


They start tomorrow Monday, November 13, 2023for the new announcement of permanent employees of ASEP ( with no 4K/2023. 77 employees will be hired of all of the educational levels PE, TE, DE, HE).

This is an announcement – passepartout that accepts all AEI-TEI degrees and high school diplomas.

SEE: “150 recruitments are coming to transport”

The deadline for submitting online applications for participation ends on Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

ASEP 4K/2023: Right to participate for everyone

The 4K/2023 announcement is one of the best of the current period because it allows the broad participation of candidates.

There is no “cutter”. Everyone can apply. Whether they participated or not in the ASEP pan-Hellenic written competition (2G/2022).

They participate in the 4K2023 announcement all the university and TEI degrees and all types diplomas using specific codes.

See the relevant excerpt of the announcement 4K/2023 for HEIs and TEIs respectively:

ASEP 4K/2023: All types of high school diplomas accepted

Right to participate in the new competition, for the positions Secondary educationhave those who have:

  1. Any diploma of Professional Specialty, Education and Training level 5 I.E.K.
  2. Vocational Training Diploma of post-secondary vocational education level I.E.K.
  3. Vocational Specialty, Education and Training Level 5 Post-High School Year – Vocational High School Apprentice Class (EPA.L.)
  4. Baccalaureate or Bachelor’s degree
  5. Degree of Professional Specialty, Education and Training level 4 EPA.L.
  6. Diploma of Technical Vocational School (T.E.E.) 2nd cycle of Studies
  7. Diploma of the Intermediate Technical Vocational School of Foremen (N.D. 580/1970)
  8. Graduation title:
  • Unified Polytechnic High School (E.P.L.) or
  • Technical Vocational High School (T.E.L.) or
  • General High School or
  • Unified High School or
  • General Direction High School or
  • another equivalent title of a national or foreign school unit

ASEP 4K2023: Which agencies will be strengthened

Please note the agencies where the staff will be employed:

  • National Center for Audiovisual Media and Communication
  • Ministry of the Interior (Department of the Interior, Department of Administrative Reconstruction, EKDDA)
  • Hellenic Transplantation Organization (former National Transplantation Organization)
  • Hellenic Agricultural Insurance Organization (ELGA)
  • Academy of Athens
  • National Library of Greece (NLB)
  • Kapodistrian Public Library of Aegina
  • Amfiklia Public Library
  • Mouzaki Public Library
  • Public Historical Library of Andritsaina
  • Public History
  • Dimitsana Library and Museum of the Dimitsana Greek School Historical Archive of Gortynia
  • Mileon Public Library
  • Public Central Library of Edessa
  • Public Central Library of Kalamata
  • Central Public Library of Larissa “Kon/nos Koumas”
  • Public Central Library Museum of Lixouri Iakovata
  • Central Public Library of Tripoli
  • Public Central Historical Library of Chios “Korais”
  • International University of Greece
  • National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP)
  • University of Crete
  • I. M. Arkalochori, Kastelli and Viannos
  • I.M. Dryinoupoleos, Pogoniani and Konitsa
  • I.M. Xanthi and Peritherio
  • Bodies of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports

ASEP 4K2023: Application with

Contact to do it Application your.

Contact the experienced application filling section of to have correct and valid participation.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Sign up to 4K/2023make your application with

Complete the expression of interest form

Alternatively, contact us on the phones, from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm:

  • 211 9555 099
  • 211 9555 055
  • 211 9555 025
  • 211 9555 050

Or, email at [email protected] writing in the subject “REQUEST FOR 4K/2023” and in the text of the message your name and phone number.

Contact us also on a mobile phone

The applications department of trying to meet the needs of (as many as possible) more candidates establishes (and) mobile Contact Phone.

The new phone line (mobile) is: 690 8532 556.

It is emphasized that the mobile phone of the application department of is working, strictlyfrom Monday to Friday hours 5 in the afternoon up to 8 in the evening and on Saturdays from 11 am to 5 pm.


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