How the US’s shift in attitude puts Netanyahu in an even more difficult position

How the US’s shift in attitude puts Netanyahu in an even more difficult position
How the US’s shift in attitude puts Netanyahu in an even more difficult position

The pressures on his side Israel for a short pause in the bombing of its territories Gaza Strip have been increasing hour by hour for at least seven days.

The announcement – ​​leaked at first – from the White House how Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to a four-hour pause in the bombing of Gaza City for humanitarian reasons, put the Israeli prime minister in an extremely difficult position.

With its immediate publication news basic – and mainly far right – her ministers Netanyahu’s government they went on the counterattack making, the more moderate, a reason for a wrong move.

THE Itaman Ben Gabirthe minister of National Security He noted that any such move without the release of the hostages is an act completely in the wrong direction as it sends a message to Hamas that Israel is willing to back down…

In any case, the wave of discontent, which is constantly increasing in Israeli society towards Netanyahu and his government, today it seems that he is receiving disruptive dimensions and within the core government group itself.

Netanyahu also finds himself trying to resist something that he did not announce but the greatest ally them and has absolutely no desire, despite the huge practical support of the USA, to be replaced by the State Department and inside his country.

Netanyahu’s denial that there will be no pauses was once again denied, this time by the army of his own country, which in a statement emphasizes that there are no “pauses» but bombing holidays in a lot specific points for certain hours of the day in order to facilitate the withdrawal of civilians from Gaza City.


All of the abovepolyphony» inside and outside the country he clearly has only one loser, the prime minister of Israel himself.

The US move is one clear change of attitude which from the successive acceptance of “no” to proposals for a cease-fire but also a specific plan for the next day in Gaza, seems to be moving to a more aggressive approach.

Joe Biden would be extreme to declare to the American journalists that “it took him a little longer than he would have liked to convince Netanyahu” of the four-hour humanitarian pauses if he hadn’t actually received such a commitment from the other end of the line…

For many, Netanyahu was a given that at some point he would give in to something like this, or he will they were forced in such a move, as today more than ever it is the American presence in the region on land and sea that holds the fronts in singular.

The Israel it is after certainty capable to deal with the North without direct assistance from a third country, but it is very different to be forced to do so by “persistence” in a unyielding position.

Netanyahu’s political future is extraordinary blurry and black, perhaps blacker than the shirts the country’s prime minister has been wearing since 7the October onwards.

The change of attitude by the USA may also be the beginning of the end for his prime ministership.

In any case the “Bibi“he is not ignorant of such a type”storms” and he knows this better than anyone Joe Biden.

It is unlikely that the Prime Minister of Israel will directly expose the American President, but it is certain that he will ensure that the moments when the shelling rages on the strip will be more intense and more destructive than it was until today.

Netanyahu is also clear that he knows very well the situation he is in and will not make any statements or moves “beautification” of his worn-out image in a society that today is “confused”.

It is also though “sun brighter” that he won’t sit with me “arms crossed” in the face of what is an obstacle to the plan he has drawn.

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