Kasselakis intervention one day before the meeting of the EC: We will not do…

Kasselakis intervention one day before the meeting of the EC: We will not do…
Kasselakis intervention one day before the meeting of the EC: We will not do…

Message to the members of SYRIZA-PS sent by Stefanos Kasselakisa day before the meeting of the Central Committee of the party, where the divorce between the “presidentials” and Umbrella is expected to be finalized.

“A common goal is to move society, our country forward. We will not back down. Everyone will be faced with their own history,” said Stefanos Kasselakis specifically, speaking to 105.5 Sto Kokkino.

The president of SYRIZA-PS pointed out that the left progressive world has many kilometers to run, underlining that “we lost 600,000 citizens at the ballot box and we have to win this world”.

SYRIZA-PS is a party with a social sign and “it is an attitude of life to fight for the workers, whose rights are being undermined and then the ministers come and populize”, noted Stefanos Kasselakis.

“He who laughs last will laugh best. We will move on. Don’t underestimate us. We will all move forward together in the party with solutions and policies by highlighting the work of the group”, said the president of the official opposition party, pointing out, at the same time, the work done by the Eurogroup of SYRIZA-PS and mentioning that it will be presented in in view of the European elections, a program with specific measures and practical policies.

Referring to the Tempe tragedy and the wiretapping scandal, Stefanos Kasselakis said that the truth will shine. The rulers may mock us, but SYRIZA-PS will not let the rule of law and the orderly functioning of democracy collapse.

SYRIZA-PS is the only reliable solution, pointed out Stefanos Kasselakis stating that he asked the prime minister to lift the secrecy of the EYP officials, underlining that in any other country there would be political resignations but in Greece this culture does not exist.

Stefanos Kasselakis also referred to the issue of horizontal and unfair taxation of freelancers, pointing out that the government and the relevant ministers. “They have never attempted in their lives. They take horizontal, arbitrary measures. There is no logic and they don’t want to listen. They go to take unaffordable sums from the many while there is a lot of waste elsewhere.”

The president of the official opposition party pointed out that SYRIZA-PS should become a government, stressing “we will not back down. SYRIZA-PS must stand up and to win back the citizens who were disappointed by us”.

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