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The weather will deteriorate from today noon until late tomorrow evening with heavy rains and storms, which will be accompanied by hail and a high frequency of lightning, initially in the Ionian Islands and the western Peloponnese and gradually in the rest of the west.

The phenomena will gradually extend towards the central and northern continents as well as the eastern Aegean. The winds on the seas will be strong.

More detail:

A. Heavy rains and storms are forecast:


a. From noon in the Ionian, Epirus, Western Mainland and Western Peloponnese.

b. From the afternoon hours, the rest of Sterea and Peloponnese, the islands of the Eastern Aegean and possibly the southern parts of Thessaly will be affected.



a. From the morning hours in the northern Ionian, Epirus, western Macedonia, western Sterea, the southern parts of the Eastern Peloponnese and Kythira.

b. From noon in central Macedonia, eastern Macedonia and possibly Thrace.

c. Towards the evening the phenomena will weaken in most areas and will be limited to the islands of the eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese.

B. Southerly winds of intensity 7 to 8 Beaufort will blow in the Aegean from Saturday morning until late afternoon.

Meteorologists estimate that from Monday there will be a big drop in temperature and the weather will become autumnal.

“Get ready for winter clothes and laying carpets”, was mentioned characteristically by the meteorologist of ANT-1, Tasso Arniako.

It is typical that yesterday there was a steep drop in temperature, in various areas, including: Amyntaio 5Themountainous Fokida 6TheMetsovo 7TheNeurocopy 4TheTripoli 8The etc.

On alert Region and Municipalities

Due to the intense and dangerous weather phenomena, which according to

forecasts of the Meteorological Service are expected in our area, with heavy rains, storms and stormy winds, the Civil Protection of the Municipality of Patreon, is on 24-hour alert and operational readiness, today and tomorrow.

The Municipality of Patreon recommends citizens to be especially careful and to:

  • They make sure that the wells outside their house are not blocked.
  • They make sure that the gutters of the houses work normally.
  • They are limited to the necessary movements.

In case of danger and problems due to bad weather, citizens

are requested to immediately notify the Fire Service at the number

call 199 – 112 or the Police at 100.

Finally, citizens are asked to be careful when traveling,

especially at night and early morning hours.

The Civil Protection Services of the Region and Municipalities of Achaia will also be put on similar alert, focusing on the areas that have faced problems in recent bad weather.

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