Everyone in a fighting position ahead of Saturday’s K.E

Everyone in a fighting position ahead of Saturday’s K.E
Everyone in a fighting position ahead of Saturday’s K.E

Until late last night, meetings were “held” in all SYRIZA camps in view of Saturday’s Central Committee. With the omens converging that the upcoming meeting of the body will mark the beginning of the dissolution of SYRIZA.

Either this development starts during its work, or earlier (i.e. today), or in the next 24 hours. The same omens demonstrate how the primary deciding factor will be the party leadership of the official opposition.

The leadership

The main concern of the tendency that dominates in the leadership group of SYRIZA seems to be “defense of prestige» of the new president of the party. Even if the specific presidential status is not based on any data related to the strengthening of the political influence of SYRIZA or the political prestige of Stefanos Kasselakis. On the contrary, polling and social messages so far “move” in the exact opposite direction.

On this basis the leadership of the party is said to insists on the logic of executive dismissals but also on the “rota” that SYRIZA’s organs should not be a limiting factor in the functioning of the president on the grounds of how he has been elected by the grassroots. A similar attitude is expected to be observed in the Central Committee. By Pavlos Pollakis in fact, for some time now he has announced personal attacks on SYRIZA officials who disagree with the leadership’s choices.

It is not yet known how exactly the SYRIZA leadership intends to manage the issue of Stefanos Kasselakis’ proposal to delete the N. Filis, P. Skourletis, D. Vitsa and Stefanou Tzoumakas.

Especially since the deputy secretary of the party George Vasiliadis has stated that the EC will simply give an opinion on the issue and will not decide since there is no relevant recommendation from the Ethics Committee.

But it is taken for granted that he is going to present one “platform” of political condemnation. It will be accompanied by proposals to limit any disagreements “in the organs of the party”, regardless of the frequency with which they meet.

The “presidential” side seems optimistic that the proposals will receive majority approval from the Central Committee and will shape them with the aim of creating associations.

Anyway it seems extremely difficult to “pass” a direct proposal to expel the 4 executives from the K.E. (in full composition) if the leadership wants to formulate it in this way.

The umbrella

The place of “Umbrella” seems to be the one who will “give news” in the next period. The prospect of her leaving SYRIZA is more than visible.

The time frame for this to happen extends from the next few hours to the next 24 hours! In other words, it is open to the main body of the Umbrella and the executives who join its positions to leave even before the meeting of the Council of Ministers begins, or with its beginning.

Texts from this area have already been published. Everything is identical to the issue that was already raised yesterday, which is signed by 1300 executives and prequalifies the “to ensure a political space capable of defending and promoting identity, physiognomy, values, ideas and policies».

This while yesterday speaking on the television station Kontra o George Stathakis, who supported Euclid Tsakalotos in the internal party elections, clarified that his text published by News 24/7 constitutes a complete withdrawal from SYRIZA. His phrase was typical: “I close the door behind me”.

THE George Stathakis among other things he mentioned that SYRIZA ends with Stefanos Kasselakis. Noting that Alexis Tsipras ensured the unity, left-wing character and governability of the party, while the new president does not guarantee any of these.

The 6+6

The executives who supported her in the internal party elections Efi Ahtsioglou and the wider area they influence will have a clear and distinct presence in the Central Committee of SYRIZA. Criticizing the leadership of SYRIZA in full.

As they did in the last meeting of the Political Secretariat of the party. Their positions are expected to be filed in the form of “anti-suggestion”, that is, a different platform for the operation

The message that is broadcast from the specific area for the situation that has developed in SYRIZA, as well as its continuous downward course, the responsibility lies with the choices of its leadership team. I

particularly with regard to the conditions for conducting the political dialogue that takes place in one extremely toxic climate reinforcing the already enormous political crisis in SYRIZA.

On this basis, they are expected to propose speeding up the conference procedures and the organization of the conference in democratic terms.

The Temponera trend

These positions seem quite compatible with the proposals favored by his new trend Dionysis Tebonera. After projecting as its basic position the overcoming of the crisis through political dialogue and the formation of a specific road map until the conference.

Therefore, it is not excluded that several points of convergence between these sides will be found during the EC.

However, overall, the way in which the executives who gather around the well-known labor expert will express themselves is expected with particular interest. Since they objectively represent a “new player” in the human geography of SYRIZA.

At the meeting of the Council of Ministers, the interventions of the older executives will probably play a role, many of whom have submitted proposals to temporarily overcome the intense oppositions in view of the Congress.

The correlations

Finally, with regard to the numerical data of the correlations among the 302 members of the Central Committee, the existence of a marginal “presidential” majority of the order of 160 members in general.

But the real correlations will be shaped by how many members of the Central Committee will come to the meeting and mainly by the issues that will be put to a vote. In other words, there are issues that – as those who know internal party “geography” say – “do not pass”.

Of course, all of the above applies given that there will be no departures of Umbrella executives before the meeting.

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