The biggest public project in Greece is moving forward – When will it be ready, how will it change our commutes?


Work continues with unabated intensity on the construction of Line 4 of the Athens Metro, which will serve the residents of areas that are currently isolated from the means of fixed orbit.

Work continues on the construction of the new, Line 4 of the Metro her of Athens which with a budget 1.2 billion euros is the largest public project under implementation in our country.

In the first phase, the section will be built Veikou-Goudis grove with 12.8 km long line and 15 stations which will serve around 350,000 citizens daily.

THE first Metropolitan he has already got to work, having already done the first things 120 meters of the route of starting from the Katehaki well, while on early next year will begin his journey and the second machine tunneling from Frear Veikou, where it is assembled. The two Metropolitans will meet on Evangelism having “opened” 13 km of tunnel, where they will be dismantled.


At the same time, work is being done for the construction of the stations, including the one at Galatsian area in which traffic regulations will apply from Friday, November 10.

Among other things, limit the width of the road surface in central arteries of the area, such as Veikou Street, Galatsiou Street and Protopapadaki Street. -See detailed traffic regulations here.

It is recalled that the first section of Line 4 (Alsos Veikou-Goudis) is estimated to completed within the 2029, delivering to the passenger public the following stations: Alsos Veikou, Galatsi, Helikonos, Kypseli, Dikastiria, Alexandras, Exarchia, Akadimia, Kolonaki, Evangelismos, Kaisariani, University, Ilisia, Zografou and Goudi.


Like the Thessaloniki Metro, it will have driverless wires, while security will serve the CBTC signaling and control system (Communications-based train control), which contributes decisively to preventing train collisionsas it will calculate in real time the exact position of each train so that they have safe distances between them.

Finally, they are provided automatic gates on the dockswhich will prevent passengers from falling onto the tracks.

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