Accountability demanded for Metro line 4 project and the steep cost of vandalism

The next “office” of OSY drivers. Photo: Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

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We have also referred in the past to the interventions, by citizens, municipal authorities and other actors, which “derailed” plans or caused long delays in the development of important Metro projects. We want to hope that more than thirty years after the start of the works to create a modern Metro network in Athens, the majority of citizens and politicians have the maturity to recognize the importance of extension of the Metro to as many areas as possible and the benefits that this medium has both for the areas through which it passes, and for the city in general.

It is hopeful that this time the government has expressed itself clearly and without evasion in favor of the construction of line 4 (including station in Exarchion Square), that for the first time there is a cooperation pact between the Municipality of Athens and Helliniko Metro which provides for the replanting of as many trees as are possible to be replanted and the planting of many more trees than will necessarily be cut down, as well as that the judicial authorities this time they do not put a preventive brake on the works until the appeals of those who oppose the project are considered.

At the same time, all the above agencies must improve the way they communicate the positive effects of the Metro on the environment as well as the ways in which the negative effects during construction are also dealt with, which are inevitable for any large work. As for politicians who “see the tree and miss the forest”, they need to see the big picture and take responsibility.

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And the first delay for line 4: For the construction project of the first section of the Metro line 4 (Alsos Veikou – Goudi) the original schedule is officially valid until today, which foresees the completion of the works within 8 years from the signing of the contract, i.e. until 2029. This timetable is repeated by members of the government to this day. The news about the delay of the project came from the Traffic (!) which has planned traffic regulations in Galatsi due to the Metro projects until 2031. This does not it does mean, however, that the project will be completed in 2031 but that the arrangements are expected to be required by then. In other words, it can be delivered later. Of course, no one expected that the first schedule would be met at a time when the delays in the preliminary works are already known, which in turn have also delayed the metropolitans.

The cost of vandalism in electronic tickets and telematics: The cost of vandalism to the electronic ticket equipment, i.e. to the validating machines of buses and trams, the gates at Metro stations and the ticket issuing machines, is painful for OASA. According to the decision of the Board of Directors of the organization, the compensation to the company that has taken over the operation of the system will reach 1,194,973.69 euros including VAT (1,481,767.38 including VAT). This cost concerns damage and vandalism caused from February 1, 2021 to January 31, 2023. Significant costs are also incurred by damages arising in the telematics system. For the provision of telematics damage recovery services in May 2023, OASA spent 9,579 euros, while for June it allocated 9,664.56 euros.

Episodes in Monastiraki: The defendants from the extreme right who were arrested for the incidents in the subway in Monastiraki were released with restrictive conditions after their confession. The 27-year-old, who has been recorded on video holding a can and pouring air conditioner water into a carriage full of people, during his apology spoke of a misunderstanding and attributed his actions to “youthful frivolity”…

Is there ticket evasion in transport? The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport expects a reduction in ticket evasion after the operation of the “contactless payment” system (i.e. payments using bank cards) in Athens public transport, according to recent statements by the General Secretary, Mr Xifaras. We would be inclined to give weight to this statement if we knew the estimated amount of fare evasion today to compare with the period after the new system was in place. For the last several years, however, these data have not been publicly announced by either the ministry or the OASA. Somehow, we tend to doubt that ticket evasion is (at least to a significant extent) due to the way the current ticketing system works. Something tells us that the majority of those who choose not to pay are not doing so because they cannot pay with their bank card.

The competition for the lines in Eastern and Western Attica: It is now a matter of days to officially start the process of submitting bids to the tender for the concession of OASA bus routes in Eastern and Western Attica. This week the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport took a decision approving the commitment of a total amount of 402,717,964.81 euros for the years 2024 – 2032 to cover the cost of the concession. In addition, at a meeting of the Board of Directors, the approval for the international competition was given. It is noted that on October 20, the announcement for the specific competition was made public.

New fencing in line 1: STA.SY is advancing the strengthening of security measures on the electricity line. This week the tender was announced for the strengthening – upgrading of the security of Metro Line 1, by replacing the existing wire mesh fencing with new electro-pressing grating railings. Specifically, the remaining 5.6 km of barbed wire will be replaced by the new reinforced bars. The project budget amounts to 761,000 euros including VAT, while the project will be completed in one year from the signing of the contract.

The screens of leasing buses: Much has been written about the problems facing the nearly 200 buses that have joined the OSY fleet through leasing, from the lack of windows that open and close to frequent breakdowns. The OSY workers’ faction “Change of Course” raises another issue through a letter to OSY: that of the placement of the camera monitoring screens inside the buses. As reported, there are many complaints from drivers who report that the screens are placed in the wrong place, making it difficult for them to control the entry and exit of passengers, while there is also the risk of creating malfunctions in the physical movements of the drivers.

Question about the new buses: A question to the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport regarding the supply of new buses for OASA and OASTH was submitted to the Parliament by Hellenic Solution MP V. Viliardos. Mr. Viliardos requests to be informed about the amounts that will be allocated and the financing as well as whether there is provision for co-production of the vehicles in our country in order to strengthen the GDP.

“End of season” for line X80: Along with the summer temperatures, this week we temporarily said goodbye to a bus line reminiscent of summer. On Tuesday, November 7, the X80 tourist line Piraeus Acropolis – Syntagma (express) was temporarily suspended. The route is expected to resume next summer.

Tram collision with a car: A traffic accident happened last Tuesday morning on the Tram lines in Alimos. A car, under unclear circumstances, collided with a passing Tram train. Fortunately there were no injuries.

Double-parked cars and driver beatings: On the occasion of an incident of attack by bus passengers against the driver of a car. who had parked on a bend in Byrons, obstructing the passage of the bus, the representatives of the OSY drivers note that similar incidents occur every day, while although the municipal authorities are requested to place bollards on the corners, these requests usually do not go anywhere. The General Secretary of the OASA Workers’ Union, Mr. Skoulos, reported that the union spends even 100,000 euros a year for a lawyer for court cases involving beatings of drivers.

The “battle” with the pigeons: There is no end to the “battle” with the pigeons at the stations and other facilities of STA.SY. The Board of Directors of the company made a decision a few days ago to carry out a tender with a budget of 115,320 euros including VAT, which will concern the installation of a repellant net and pigeon repulsion-removal works at four stations of the network (Piraeus of line 1, Saint Anthony of line 2 and Chalandri and Duchess of Placentia of line 3). The problem, however, is big and perennial, both at the Ano Patisia station and elsewhere.

Hirings: STA.SY proceeded with the recruitment of a Special Partner – Consultant in the office of the Managing Director. Her duties will include matters of communication and public relations and in particular communication with the passenger public to resolve related problems.

Transport grant: The Secretary General of Transport approved a commitment of appropriation amounting to 327,508 euros which concerns a grant to OSY due to the energy crisis and in particular to cover the cost of the increase in diesel and heating oil, as well as natural gas during the period from 01.01.2023 to 30.04.2023. By ministerial decision, the payment of the 11th monthly installment of the regular grant, for the year 2023, to OSY in the amount of 10,356,150 euros and to the STASY amount 2,094,750 euros.

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From Clarity

  • Approval of the payment of an amount of 1,730,676.23 euros including VAT, concerning Monthly Single E-ticket Payment for the month of September 2023 to the sponsoring company HELLAS SMARTICKET SA
  • Approval of payment of the amount of 467,813.14 euros including VAT, concerning Monthly Telematics Single Payment for the month of June 2023 to the Special Purpose Company “ADVANCED TRANSPORT TELEMATICS AE – ATT”
  • Approval of payment of the amount of 470,049.94 euros including VAT, concerning Monthly Single Telematics Payment for the month of July 2023
  • Approval of the payment of the amount of 472,834.70 euros including VAT, concerning Monthly Single Telematics Payment for the month of August 2023
  • Approval of payment of the amount of 473,094.62 euros including VAT, concerning Monthly Single Telematics Payment for the month of September 2023

  • The Board of Directors approved the allocation of space at the Syntagma station to host the first “digital” Employment Promotion Center (i-kpa).

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What applies to the movement of students and policemen in MMM, municipal transport is also coming to the Municipality of Athens

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