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After much discussion and finally unanimously by the Municipal Council of Larissa on Thursday, the proposal to preserve the Legal Entities under Public Law (N.P.D.D.) of three entities of the city, namely: the Municipal Gallery – Museum G. I. Katsigra, of the Municipal Conservatory and the Folklore Historical Museum Giorgos and Lena Gourgioti.

The outgoing mayor of Larissa, Apostolos Kalogiannis, spoke about “a rather serious issue, an important piece of legislation that developed during the election period and had to enter into a consultation process”. “These are the main legal entities that shape the cultural development of the city… Legal entities that have established themselves in the city, without exception,” he added, pointing out the need to maintain their autonomy.

The attendance at the Municipal Council following an initiative was given by PASOK – Movement for Change MP Evangelia Liakoulis, who, among other things, underlined the “horizontal” and unprecedented nature of Law 5056/2023 on the abolition of legal entities and recalled the first unanimous “no” of her KEDE against this initiative of the Government.

The newly elected mayor of Larissa Thanasis Mamakos and head of “Larissa we deserve!” did not make any statement, while the municipal councilor Rena Karalariotou said that the relevant law “is moving in the right direction, so that we can see which persons should continue as legal , to be supported and possibly more than today”.

For the problem of contracts that will be brought about by the decision to abolish the N.P.D.D. spoke the deputy mayor of Culture and Sciences Panos Sapkas. “As soon as they come to the municipality, they occupy personal positions. This means that after their retirement, the position remains vacant, with the result that the employment relationships are not open-ended, but are made with contracts.”

In agreement with the vote to maintain the three legal entities, the municipal councilor of the People’s Rally Giorgos Papadoulis presented himself. As he noted that “the goal of our claim remains the recruitment of staff”.

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