“The Words of Ploris” by Andreas Karkavitsa at the Royal Theater

“The Words of Ploris” by Andreas Karkavitsa at the Royal Theater
“The Words of Ploris” by Andreas Karkavitsa at the Royal Theater

The DI.PE.THE. Patras presents an outstanding text of modern Greek literature, The Words of the Bow by Andreas Karkavitsa at the Royal Theater on Wednesday 15 November 2023 at 21:00 directed by Dionysis Voultsou.

Loya tis plori was first published in 1899 and is one of the most interesting short stories by Andreas Karkavitsa, the preeminent representative of naturalism in Greek literature.

Three short stories were chosen for the show: “The Vassilopoulos”, “The Mermaid” and “Ta Telonia”, the narrative of which is accompanied by traditional music and songs from all over Greece.

Through the artistic accompaniment of words and limbs, we listen to the woes and expectations of our people extremely intertwined with the masterful imagery of Karkavitsa’s short stories.

The play was staged for the first time, in an original theatrical adaptation by Dionysis Voultsou, by the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Patras in June 2023, as part of the “Literary Tributes” section of the Patras International Festival.

Directed by: Dionysis Voultsos
Lighting design: Nikos Sotiropoulos
In the sound: Takis Smirilios
Stage management: Dionysis Voultsos

Song: Dora Petridis

They are playing music:
Giorgos Papageorgiou, lute
Christos Tsantoulis piano
Eleftheria Daoultzi canon
Nikolia Koukiou percussion

The vocal group TIMBRES (under the artistic direction of Dora Petridis) takes part: Aphrodite Athanasopoulou, Eleni Athanasopoulou, Asprogeraka Dionysia, Galanopoulou Katerina, Gelli Ioanna, Gotsi Efi, Dimitrakopoulou Lydia, Kordella Stavroula, Kontogeorgopoulou Eftychia-Maria, Karapanagioti Chrissi, Lioli gospel, Batsaoura Chrysafenia, Papanikolaou Mariani, Semitekolo Ioanna, Spiliotopoulou Paraskevi, Tassiani Florentia, Tolia Ilia and Chrysanthopoulou Gogo.

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